Optimize Your Business with HP LoadRunner Integration & Training

optimize your business with hp loadrunner integration trainingThe modern business environment necessitates the integration of high performance IT solutions to optimize operations. Whatever industry you are operating in there is need to incorporate applications that will not only enhance efficiency in your operations but also reduce the cost of running business.

IT applications are now widely used in most business facilities to boost performance and overcome emerging challenges in different industries.

Performance Testing for Optimal Results

To ensure the software you buy is expected to perform optimally performance testing is a critical part of the integration process. Performance testing is a crucial process which encompasses stress, load and spike testing. This process also incorporates the validating systems performance testing.

The main focus is on:

  • Speed: You have to test whether the application you have installed responds quickly to the needs of users.
  • Scalability: The application you buy might be ideal for your new business but it requires room to handle increased load. For instance during traffic spikes or increased user load such an application must easily handle the extra load.
  •  Stability: With unexpected spikes an application will be under a lot of strain and a performance test should thus focus on its capability to handle unexpected surge in load capacity.

Load testing is important for your IT applications because it gives a more definitive picture of the expected performance both during normal and peak usage. Performance testing involves checking the software you are using in response to the user request.

The ability of the application to respond within accepted tolerance on varying loads helps determine its readiness. In summary the key considerations in load performance testing are:

  • The maximum load an application holds before starting behaving erratically.
  • Amount of data the software being tested can hold before adverse reactions such as slow speeds and crashing are observed.
  • Checking for any network related issues.

Leveraging the High Standards of HP LoadRunner

While there are many performance-testing tools in the market it is important to go for a product that offers a comprehensive set of solutions. The HP LoadRunner integration & training provides an innovative approach to performance testing.

HP LoadRunner Diagnostics and Tuning Capabilities

HP LoadRunner offers powerful diagnostics and tuning capabilities for your application. The one-in-one package handles both testing and optimization of systems for greater performance. As your business expands there is need for such a system to allow business analysts, engineers and others to understand the capability of the application in use. For instance, is it scalable to handle expected spikes?

To optimize your system HP LoadRunner is integrated into the environment for testing purposes and also provides invaluable data on performance improvement options. No need to for guesswork because your engineers will have an idea about what to work on for better performance.

HP LoadRunner Training Approach

Despite massive investment in a performance testing tool it cannot work efficiently if your team does not have the prerequisite expertise. With a HP LoadRunner integration & training package you QA engineers, performance engineers and the rest of the performance testing team gets intensive training on the HP LoadRunner system.

From understanding the value of load testing, planning strategies, load test goals, ruining load test scenarios to analysis and interpretation of test results there is a lot that your company gains from this training.

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