Recruit a Skilled Team Assistant with The Help of a Specialist Recruitment Agency

recruit skilled team assistant with specialist recruitment agency
Skilled Team Assistants are always in demand. They make an enormous contribution to the success of many organisations with their ability to be ‘the glue that keeps the team together’. Talented Team Assistants provide support in so many ways, they are administrative assistants who see no job as too big or too small and generally support multiple people all at once, when and where they need it. They are essential components particularly in bigger businesses with large or multiple teams.

Team Assistant recruitment

Team Assistant recruitment in Australia is a specialised area. If you’re searching for office support staff who stand out and absolutely excel at what they do, then you need to work with a recruitment agency that has a wealth of experience, expertise and networks in this type of recruitment.

Many Team Assistant roles tend to have a fair amount of turnover, as the role is often seen as the step up for a Receptionist or Administration Assistant – and the role that a junior PA or aspiring EA wants to move on from. With natural and accounted for turnover happening often more frequently, than other roles, Team Assistant roles are often outsourced to reliable recruitment agencies.

Equally, if you’re a skilled candidate looking for new opportunities in the administrative field, then a specialised Team Assistant recruitment agency can open doors for you.

The attributes of a high quality Team Assistant

team assistant juggling multi tasks
A high quality Team Assistant has a depth and breadth of skills that are diverse and unique. One of the main ones that makes a really great one stand out from the crowd is the ability to effectively work under multiple management styles. This often requires ‘maturity beyond years’ and the capacity to think quick on your feet. Advanced computer and administration skills go without saying, including the aptitude to learn new systems and concepts with ease and autonomy. Prioritising deadlines and juggling multiple tasks is another major skill that needs to be refined if a Team Assistant is truly going to add value.

Why work with a Team Assistant recruitment agency?

Working with a specialised Team Assistant recruitment agency makes a big difference. First, a specialised agency has superior connections. Team Assistants are essential across a wide range of industry sectors and in organisations of all shapes and sizes. Therefore, having access to a vast network of talented candidates who have represented reputable clients in a variety of job fields – legal, banking, finance, property, accounting, consulting and more – can broaden everyone’s horizons.

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Another advantage of working with experts in Team Assistant recruitment is that they understand the nature of the market. Whether positions are permanent, temporary, project-based, remote or on-board, a specialised agency will have the insight and experience to make highly successful matches between employers and quality candidates.

Office support recruitment and executive recruitment – the difference

Office support recruitment is not the same as executive recruitment. Candidates for office support roles, including Team Assistants, are motivated and driven by quite different things. They often have different career aspirations to their executive counterparts. Quality Team Assistants are also noted for their willingness to adapt to multiple management styles – often at the same time. They always demonstrate a keen interest to diversify in the work they are completing and can step in and out of projects as needed.

office support and executive recruitment difference
Specialist recruiters fully understand what excellent office support professionals look like – both from the client and the candidate’s perspective. They understand the importance of cultural fit and are adept at assessing which blend of hard and soft skills will work best in a specific Team Assistant role.

Specialists in office support recruitment

If you’re interested in working with a top Team Assistant recruitment agency in Australia, contact MJD Executive on 02 8042 1840. We have over 45 years of experience amongst our team specialising in office support roles including Team Assistants. We have unrivalled networks of high quality candidates, both active and passive, that have worked within highly reputable organisations with solid longevity and superior skills.

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