SEO and Digital Marketing Tips for Startups

seo and digital marketing tips for startupsIt’s no brainer that SEO doesn’t exist or run marketing on its own in a self-contained bubble, SEO, is only part of a bigger digital marketing framework. SEO, however, remains the biggest entity when it comes to finding answers to the elusive question How to get more traffic and customers to your site.

As you may already know, your startup will be a hit or miss depending on how you market and if you reach your target audience. Traditional marketing doesn’t feel like the best marketing option to adopt at the moment because it requires more money and in most cases, finding your audience isn’t easy. So, digital marketing, ingrained in robust SEO marketing is the way to go. Using robust SEO techniques is critical because search engines are on the lookout for ways to connect users with the best results. Therefore, you have to employ the best SEO strategies to drive up your online ranking.

How can you do this?

1. Mobile Optimization

Smartphones just surpassed desktops as the go-to devices for conducting online searches. You can agree with this information seeing as you are likely to be reading this article on your phone. As a result, Google’s algorithm used in ranking websites takes into account website designs giving mobile friendly sites higher rankings on SERPs.

To lower bounce back rates and dissatisfaction, your business’ website must be mobile responsive because this is now a ranking signal. Small and large funded startups are employing this and you should too.

2. Great SEO strategies don’t have an end

While there are several individuals and groups taking SEO as a project and proclaiming that SEO is dead, you shouldn’t take them seriously. As long as you have a website which needs to appear on top of search engine result pages, then SEO lives.

You need to invest in good SEO practices, but you should also adapt to the requirements of search engines. Google, the biggest search engine updates their algorithms for ranking often. While you don’t need to know much about Pigeon, Hummingbird, Panda or Penguin, the unnoticeable algorithm changes shake up the online marketing scene hence winners and losers in terms of search results.

The best SEO strategies for MDEL include the use of right keywords, keyword phrases, local optimization and high-quality content.

3. Great content

seo and digital marketing contentYou’ve heard or read it severally, ‘Content is King’. This is the most important element of SEO marketing. Content refers to the information you put out on your social media platforms, blogs and on the website to sell your brand. Everyone is doing it but, is everyone doing it right? You’ve read several articles online, and while others prompt you to read the entire article and even subscribe to the mailing list, others are drab. You don’t want to be in the latter category. For excellent content telling your story, you need to create high-quality content or get someone else; a professional, to create content for your business. Just keep your content unique.

5. Aim to increase the conversion rates for your site

With conversion rate optimization, you can increase your sales within a short time. Some of the most effective conversion strategies involve the use of the users where they subscribe to your mailing list, make a purchase or fill out a contact form. The key to effective CRO is to make inactive users active by getting them more engaged. You may want to hire a professional conversion rate optimization company for this.

In conclusion, the robustness of your digital marketing strategies will determine how much sales you make. Always consider your target market and the competition. Don’t forget about the price, the place, and your promotion campaigns.

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