Should You Opt for In-House or Outsourced SEO?

should you opt for in house or outsourced seoSearch engine optimization is a necessity for basically all websites. This is not a secret and all businessmen are aware of this. The problem appears when choosing over in-house or outsourcing. Obviously, there are some advantages and disadvantages with both. This is what we will go over in the following paragraphs so that you can choose the option that is the best for your business.

In-House SEO Advantages

  • There is an increased knowledge about the business as the staff completely understands everything about the company.
  • Complete SEO control becomes reality. SEO experts would instantly be contacted whenever changes are necessary and communication is often faster.
  • The SEO professionals will only do work on the company website. Full attention is thus a reality.
  • There are cases in which this will be less expensive but only when properly managing everything.

In-House SEO Disadvantages

  • Because SEO is rapidly evolving it is possible that in-house staff will not be able to use the best modern strategies.
  • The staff cannot do anything else since SEO can quickly become time consuming.
  • Many tools are needed in modern SEO so buying them will provide extra expenses for the business.
  • It is harder to gain access to top linking opportunities since outsourcing providers already have access to them and they do not have to go through time consuming negotiations.

SEO Outsourcing Advantages

  • You gain access to a large experience from numerous SEO specialists that will do work on the website.
  • The staff of these companies only does SEO work so no distractions from other tasks can appear.
  • Higher experience in meeting the SEO needs of a business because of having dealt with many companies in the past.
  • No longer a necessity to spend money, effort or time in hiring in-house staff, training it and buying SEO tools.
  • No influence from other business marketing needs.
  • Faster task execution.

SEO Outsourcing Disadvantages

  • In many cases you need to invest more money.
  • Some time will be needed for the SEO specialists to learn important things about the company for a proper campaign to be set up.
  • You do not know how much focus is put on your site since the SEO company will surely handle multiple campaigns at the same time.
  • There are agencies that are using cheaper tools or even black hat strategies. It is really important that these are avoided.


As you can easily see, you need to take your time and choose between the two options. Think about both the advantages and disadvantages and look for the option that is the very best for your business. While you may have subjective opinions about the subject, the truth is that in some cases it is better to opt for SEO outsourcing if the business is smaller. The in-house departments become really valuable when the company is larger. Also, a combination of the two is sometimes a necessity. You use people that you hire to find opportunities and you also use the services offered by other companies to make the SEO campaigns more effective.

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