Simple Guide to Cross Channel Marketing

Cross channel marketing allows you to engage with the prospective customers on multiple digital channels. It allows businesses to engage their customers on multiple devices including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. It allows customers to conveniently completed the conversions with the medium that they enjoy using. Email and mobile devices are the two most widely used marketing channels used by businesses worldwide.

You will need a cross channel marketing platform software like MDirector software to measure the performance of your campaign. MDirector offers integrated analytics in their software that allows you to monitor the actions and customer movement. You can find out what devices the customers use and what activities they perform while on the landing page. Being able to track your customers gives you the ability to make smarter decisions and create a campaign that is more targeted towards your customers.

MDirector email marketing software allows you to include images in the email so that it is more visual appealing and able to make an impression on the recipients. You can add alt text to the image so that the recipient will know what the image is about in case the images have been disabled in the email. To increase response rate, you can include a call to action link that points to the landing page.

You can make the email more personal by addressing the recipient by their first name. When creating an email newsletters, make sure you use a company name that is recognized by your recipient so that they instantly know the email is coming from which company.

Mdirector email marketing software features an automatic scheduling feature that can automatic send emails to your subscribers at a set time and date. The software makes it very convenient to send out emails to a large number of subscribers at a fixed time regularly. Your customers will start to look forward to the your email at the scheduled time.

Not sending emails regularly can cause your customers to forget about you and eventually move your emails to the spam folder. MDirector features return path whitelisting allows your email messages to get certified by email providers as trustworthy so that it will successfully arrive in the inbox of the recipients.

SMS text messaging is as popular as email marketing because a lot of people check their SMS inbox every day. Statistics show that at least 90% of the SMS text messages that are delivered to the SMS inbox of the recipients will be read in 3 minutes. Text messages are short and the recipient can quickly read the message without having to tap on the message and open it unlike emails.

MDirector text messaging software allows you to design an engaging SMS ads for your marketing campaign. You can use MDirector to sned timely SMS ads with valuable content for your customers. You can make use of SMS marketing to encourage customers to sign up a competition, mobile coupons or loyalty programs. To make your SMS ads actionable, you can use a keyword anchor that link to the landing page where customers can take advantage of discount.

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