Get Started With Your Cybersecurity Strategy With These Quick Tips

cybersecurity tips for small businesses
Are you ready to jump-start your preparedness to protect against evolving cyberattacks? The experts at Alliance Technology Partners have you covered.

It’s easy to see how small businesses are struggling with cybersecurity, especially when you consider how overworked many IT teams are in this sector. Upgrades and patches battle for the same limited blocks of time that are needed to keep users up and running. Balancing the immediate needs of the organization against the long-term strategic direction has never been more challenging, and the cybersecurity landscape continues to evolve. Finding the right balance for your business starts with creating a proactive schedule of recommendations that can be implemented as time permits or by partnering with a proactive IT services partner.

Alliance Technology Partner is one of the top tech companies in St. Louis and offers these tips that provide the jump start that you need to create a protective layer around your business.

Cybersecurity Tips for Small Businesses

get started with your cybersecurity strategy with these quick tips
Unlike enterprise organizations, small businesses may be using simplistic sign-on procedures that can be easily attacked by cybercriminals. Having a wide range of software that fits together throughout the organization, or having several different segments of the business where customer data is stored are both danger signs that could be broadly appealing to individuals looking for an easy score in terms of personal data. Following these tips can help protect your business — as well as tightening operations and improving efficiency overall.

  • Create a robust backup and disaster recovery process to help reduce the possibility that your business will lose access to your data and business systems in the event of a ransomware attack or major data breach.
  • Partner with a security-focused technology partner to ensure that your business has access to the latest tools and knowledge available.
  • Regularly audit your cybersecurity procedures, tools and training to ensure that they are up-to-date to defend against active threats.
  • Maintain a high degree of security around your WiFi networks, paying special attention to devices that connect into your business systems and any IoT devices such as smart TVs and manufacturing devices.
  • Encourage staff members to follow physical security protocols, such as never using USBs from external sources in their computers. Up to 36% of staff tend to ignore this type of recommendation, making it vital to remind staff of the importance on a regular basis.
  • Ensure that employees understand the difference between a secure connection and a non-secure connection and that they are only able to connect to business systems through a fully secure port.

educate employee about data security
Finally, it’s important to instill within each staff member the importance of their role in cybersecurity and help them understand the scope of the danger that is facing the organization on a daily basis.

It takes the superhuman effort of multiple technology professionals to protect today’s organizations from the ravages of cybercrime. Fortunately, the team at Alliance Technology Partners is up to the challenge! Our ARMADA cybersecurity suite provides your business with the comprehensive support services that you need to stay fully protected at all times.

Contact our IT service experts today at 314-279-7876 or fill out our quick online form to see how we can leverage our detailed knowledge of the threat landscape for your business.

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