5 Instagram Tips For Small Businesses

instagram tips for small businesses

Instagram has become one of the best social marketing platforms in the 21st century. It has over 25 million business accounts and most of them belong to small businesses. About 200 million users visit at least one business profile daily and 80% of Instagrammers follow a business. 

Considering these statistics, it is clear why businesses depend so much on Insta promotions. Moreover, this robust and user-friendly platform provides amazing features that allow businesses to market their offerings and project themselves as powerful brands. 

In this article, we will discuss important tips to help your small business grow on Instagram. 

1. Create interesting Instagram stories and posts

As a business, when you are posting multimedia content like a picture or a video, you need to curate the content properly with keywords, hashtags, and linking the post to your main website. You can create stories related to the brand, product/service, and anything related that must entice the users and help in building trust, engagement, and credibility. 

Here are some ideas that will help you build the audience without any hindrance. 

  • Use polls or ratings on Instagram stories to increase user engagement. 
  • To make your stories look attractive and appealing, learn how to add images, hashtags, how to change the background color on an Instagram story, and other important things. Such tweaks will help in attracting more viewers. 
  • Make sure to have focused content as much as possible, especially while describing your brand through a video. 
  • Add emojis, texts, highlights, etc. to make your Insta posts and stories more impactful.
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2. Check the Insta insights

With a business profile on Instagram, you will have access to analytical insights. These will include the number of users on your posts, the number of profile visits, and the action taken by them. You must check these insights, understand how your business is doing, and plan suitably. 

3. Enhance User Engagement

Increasing user engagement through Instagram posts is one of the key objectives of Instagram promotions. 

  • Schedule your posts on Instagram regularly so that the interest of the users is maintained. 
  • Always include the option for ‘DM’ or Direct Messages, which will allow the users to converse with you directly, maintaining privacy. 
  • Make multiple posts for holidays and weekends because these days see a maximum number of active users.

4. Go for influencer marketing 

Instagram is famous for influencer marketing. According to Instagram, about 87% of people buy based on influencers’ suggestions or reviews, and 70% of shoppers check out Instagram for exploring new products worth buying. 

These statistics clearly explain why businesses are using influencer marketing. 

You can associate with one or many influencers to have the maximum number of followers and exposure on Instagram. When influencers promote a product or brand on their profiles, it will indirectly pave the way for more organic traffic to your business. 

5. Optimize your hashtags wisely 

Do focus on the hashtags for your Instagram stories and posts apart from optimizing your company bio and having a user-friendly username. 

Hashtags serve as keywords specifically for Insta, using which the users initiate their search. So, for example, if your business deals with retail fashion, including top fashion-related hashtags like #SummerCollection2021 or #Fashiondiscount on your posts, will allow users to view the content. 

Make sure that no irrelevant keyword is used as it will target the wrong audience. You can also create your hashtags focusing on your business and brand.


Due to its reach and popularity, several small-scale businesses are using Instagram as their primary marketing channel. With the above-mentioned tips, your business can drive your business to stupendous success. Just ensure you do it right! 

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