5 Tips for Getting More YouTube Subscribers

5 tips for getting more youtube subscribersYouTube has become an essential marketing tool for any company in nearly every industry and video marketing has never been easier. Nowadays, you have the ability to simply upload videos to your YouTube channel and engage with viewers.

YouTube is already the second largest search engine on the web and is extremely useful for interacting with your audience without static ads. Videos appeal to the masses and with the emerging new technology in virtual reality and interactive content, it is more urgent than ever for entrepreneurs to start and maintain a YouTube channel to market their brand.

There is more to being successful on YouTube than just uploading a video and hoping people will like it. To make a video “go viral”, you have to build your audience and the only way to achieve this is to get YouTube channel subscribers. Here are some helpful tips to do that.

1. Be an Authority in Your Niche

So many websites compete for attention in any given niche. Your aim should be to make your viewers respect you as an authority in the industry and want to subscribe to your channel so that they are the first to know about any content you release. Becoming an expert in your niche and sharing your ideas, opinions, products, and content will help establish yourself as credible and authoritative leader in your industry.

2. Post Consistently

You need to post videos in a consistent manner, whether it’s once a day if you provide a video blog, or once a week if you are promoting your business. Regardless, you want to stick to a schedule. If your viewers and subscribers aren’t getting new, relevant, and interesting content from you when they expect, they will have no reason continue subscribing to your channel.

3. Make a Creative Channel Design

Your viewers will get their first impression of your brand from your channel design. Make sure your header is engaging and complements your brand and style. Work with marketing experts to ensure that your brand strategy is consistent across all your social media channels which will in turn provide even more trust and credibility amongst your customers or subscribers.

4. Create Engaging Content

This may seem like a no brainer, but there is more to telling a joke than just the words. It’s all about the delivery. Your videos should be shot in different locations so that they don’t seem stagnant and you shouldn’t be afraid to show a human, lighter side of yourself by appearing in the videos or leaving in bloopers.

The titles of the videos should also be the focus of your attention. When people are searching for videos on YouTube, keywords in the titles work the same as in any other search engines. Don’t get too creative with these as you want to use keywords that are commonly searched for, but think of ways that will also set your video apart from the competition.

5. Share on Social Media

You need to make your presence known and the only way to do that is by letting people know about your channel. Link your YouTube channel on all your social media accounts, share your videos on Facebook and Instagram, include a link in your Twitter bio, or schedule tweets throughout the week that link to your YouTube content.

More Subscribers, More Traffic

With over 1 billion users on YouTube as of 2014 and more than 6 billion total hours of video content viewed each month, YouTube is the ultimate platform for business marketing. Increasing your subscribers will ensure that potential customers reach your content quickly and efficiently.

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