All You Need to Know to Increase Your YouTube Views

all you need to know to increase your youtube viewsAre you wondering why your video on YouTube isn’t getting the recognition and views it deserves? Then you’re at the right place to learn and understand where to start and work your way around to shoot up your YouTube views. You might have got just about everything right from your video’s title, description, tags, and not get the desired results.

Here are a few proven tips to increase your YouTube videos:

Annotations and subscribers

Annotations are text bubbles popping on most YouTube videos that read, like “Subscribe” or “click here for more videos.” They are a wonderful way to skyrocket your video’s views. However, you can use these to link your other videos, a playlist of all your videos, or your YouTube channel to captivate viewers to watch more of your videos.

YouTube has a unique feature that enables its users to subscribe to your channel. In simple terms, they’re your fan base waiting eagerly for your upcoming videos. Your subscribers will be notified when you upload a new video to your channel. If you buy YouTube subscribers, your views will shoot up in no time after uploading a video.

Some increase their YouTube video’s views by promoting them on social media sites, like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter. However, the results will be staggering if you add an annotation asking your viewers to subscribe. It’s suggested that you request your viewers to subscribe to your channel and stay updated with the latest videos on your channel.

Create a playlist of all your videos

Most YouTube users are unaware of how playlists can increase their video views. You might have a playlist of your favorite songs on your cell phones and iPods; YouTube has a similar feature to create a list of all your videos to play in sequence.

The best part of playlists is that they’re listed separately in search results. If someone searches for a video on how to strum a song on the guitar, you’re playlist containing videos of how to play a list of songs on guitar will also be featured in the search result.

Your viewers will watch more than one video in your playlist, which is an ideal way to increase your views. It’s recommended that you embed all your videos on your website or blog to increase views. Furthermore, this will increase your blog traffic with the number of YouTube views.

Posting your video in the right place

YouTube enables you to post your video in the comment section of any video. You’ll find “Create a video response,” next to the comment box of any video on YouTube which leads you to a page consisting of a list of all your videos.

It’s recommended that you post your videos as a video response in other relevant and popular videos. Some videos might be popular in the same niche which you deal with – if you come across a video that is about fishing and your video is to do with fishing you can post it as a video response. Investing a few seconds to post your videos in the right areas can help your views hit the roof!

What’s an ideal content?

Let’s face it, there are a lot of videos on the same topic posted by many others. Yes, the quality would mean a video with 1080 or at least 720 pixels resolution would be preferable, the quality of your video is also measured by its content.

People are more interested in what happens now or what trending now than what happened years ago, it’s recommended that you create videos on what is popular already, like a review of a popular movie, song, or the big news story.

If you have noticed it’s the title of the content that decides its success, even if you have well-written content or a well-made video with a dull title, the whole purpose is lost. It’s recommended that you have a catchy title – you could use the same title of the original movie, song, or news story.

Some people prefer to buy YouTube subscribers, which is an easy way out rather than investing their time and money in the wrong places. However, Rome wasn’t built in a day; you can’t expect your video’s views and subscribers to increase overnight.

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