Curious Guide on Brand Promotion on Instagram

curious guide on brand promotion on instagram
The number of Instagram users is growing non-stop. It would be ill-considered not to use such a “live” platform for the sake of your business. The certain strategies, techniques are created, a real industry of SMM-services has appeared thanks to Instagram. It is time to look at the possibilities of Instagram through the eyes of social media experts since Instagram is no longer one of the billions of applications, but a social network that is turning into a powerful marketing channel for brands.

Let’s consider how to use Instagram for your brand promotion. I will explain why I use such automation tools like Ingramer to achieve better results. Now let’s begin at the beginning!

Why does your brand need Instagram?

Instagram, in terms of its potential, is a land of various opportunities for both B2C-brands and companies targeted at a business audience. By the way, unlike the methods, the goals that can be achieved with the help of the network are in many respects identical to those set in a standard social media marketing campaign, namely:

  • Brand recognition. If you create great content, people will follow your account. The more people follow your acc, the more recognized your brand will be. Do the math!
  • It’s such an exciting thing when people love your brand. Not products, not employees, but simply a brand for what it is. Yes, not every online store can repeat the success of Apple. But you should try to make a mash on your audience, and here the visual content will help you. Today, when people have no time to read, communication through pictures can be considered the beginning of flirting.
  • Reputation management and feedback. You can make the most wonderful product, there always will be some critics anyway. You need to respond to angry reviews (whether fair or not). Answering questions about the company, products, and services is your sacred duty and the ability to attract a potential client.
  • Lead generation. You know that Instagram is turning into the e-shop. Now you can sell directly via the Instagram app. Or at least you can add an active link to your website in Bio.

How to run your account correctly?

brand promotion strategy instagram
First thing you need to do is to think about the idea of your account and create a content-plan which will correlate with it. There, you should think of what type of content you will publish, and how often. Think about your target audience – it’s vital that the content is to its liking.

Thus, your strategy is born. Now let’s focus on actions.

The unique character of your content. Your exclusive content is a driver of your successful promotion on Instagram. Find your own style that will be one in a million, and people will strive to see it.

Solid audience growth.  You need to know how to attract your target audience not only by means of unique content. You should use certain tactics. You may look for sources to buy Instagram followers. My secret weapon is the use of an automation tool (Ingramer in my case.) I can count on it while running my mass-liking and following campaigns.

  • Automatic liking. The tool leaves likes for your TA. It provokes users’ curiosity, and they are most likely to go to your profile and like some of your posts in response, maybe they will even follow you.
  • Automatic following. You follow users, they follow you back. Mass-following is efficient hundred-per-cent. And with an automation tool, it’s twice as efficient.
  • Automatic unfollowing. When a number of you followings comes closer to the number of your follows, use the feature of automated unfollow. That will increase people’s respect and will help to avoid their mistrust.

The regularity of your content. That’s not less essential than the content itself. As a brand, you have a duty to present new content at least every day. Moreover, you should take into account the time you publish – it’s shouldn’t be randomly chosen. Study your audience, find the best time for it. Use the IG automation tool feature of scheduled posting to ease the process and to save some time.

respond communicate instagram
Communication. Do not be voiceless, talk to your followers. Of course, you can not communicate with anybody who wishes, you can’t do that by your own forces. But you can use automation tool for that too!

  • Automatic direct messaging. Yes, you can send DM automatically to all your followers. You can say thank you for following you – they will be glad to see your sincere interest. You can offer a discount on the first purchase. In any case, such conversations will drive audience loyalty and engagement. Moreover, it will drive your sales significantly.
  • Automatic commenting. Another function of which you can make use. Leaving a lovely comment for your followers will please him or her. And what if you leave them 100 or more? The effect will be of biblical proportions, I swear.

Extra means

  • Do not repeat the same tags in every post. Come up with relevant ones with the help of hashtags generator. You need to enter a keyword, a URL or to upload a photo and in a second you will receive a list of proper tags. Combine different ones and wait for new likes and follows.
  • Contests, discounts, bonuses. Pleasant perks are still an excellent means of audience engagement because everyone loves to receive gifts. Discounts, bonuses for followers, giveaways – here, your imagination is not limited.

Will your brand thrive if you use this guide? No doubt! Just try, and you will see. All the best!

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