Five Social Media Marketing Tips for Guaranteed Success

social-media-marketing-tipsBy this point in time, everyone knows that social media marketing is the very best way to quickly build brand, reach a specific target audience and to easily convert for the highest ROI. However, have you ever stopped to think about exactly what it is that a social media marketing specialist looks at in order to get the desired results? Just like any other type of business, there are tried and tested methods proven to be effective. Here are five social media marketing tips for guaranteed success in any marketing campaign.

Quality vs. Quantity

This is a two-fold issue both in terms of followers as well as content. A great social media marketing agency will ensure that your audience is targeted and that the content on your social media sites is of high quality. It is much better to have 5,000 followers who have the potential to be converted than 50,000 followers who have no interest in what you have to say or sell. Any content on your page should be relevant to your market and must give your visitors something to grasp. Bear this in mind. If you want to sell a product or service, you need to sound like you are an expert in your field.

Build Relationships – Listen to What Your Audience Is Saying

Today’s consumer is savvier than ever before. There are few people out there who don’t have internet access and most of them are in tune to marketing ploys. If you want to brand your company as an expert in your market, build relationships! Listen to what your target audience is asking or looking for. There are key indicators in what they post that should tell you how to meet their needs. Don’t spend a huge amount of time posting and listening to yourself talk, instead, read and listen to what followers are saying in their comments.

Here is where a real social media marketing agency knows how to tell real followers from automated bots. If you can’t converse with a comment or post, know that it is simply an algorithm, an automated program spamming your social media site.

Response Is Crucial

How you respond to followers if crucial to your marketing success. How many social media sites have you viewed that have tons of comments from followers but nothing in response to their posts? Throughout the day you will see hashtags with posts regarding what the company has to offer, but no mention of what anyone else has said. Respond to as many comments/posts as you possibly can. People want to know that they are being heard and this is crucial to your marketing campaign. Every single potential customer is important to your success in the business world so take the time to respond.

Target Needs

Once you have reached a target audience, have built a relationship and responded to their comments, it is time to target their needs. They have told you, in black and white, what they think and feel about products/services in your market so give them what they want! Now you can begin providing content that shows them how you can meet their needs. In the beginning you will simply be talking about what it is you have. At this point it becomes easier to talk about and give them what they need. That is what conversion is all about.

Reciprocate as Much as Possible

Another area where many social media marketing strategies fall short is in the art of reciprocation. Many of your followers will repost good, quality content you have provided. They will share your words of wisdom with their own target audience. Now it is time for you to reciprocate. Share on your site some of what they have to say. A word of caution here – make sure their content is unique and original before posting to avoid being penalised by the Google monster.

A good social media marketing specialist will help you understand these concepts but a great social media marketing agency can actually contract to do much of the work for you. Social media marketing has literally exploded in the past few years so take advantage of this amazing opportunity to reach your target audience. These five tips are critical to your social media marketing success so heed them wisely.

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