Keeping Up With Social Media Trends

social media trends

Social media platforms are ever-changing and constantly upgrading. A few years ago, Snapchat had this disappearing image or video feature. It was not that well-accepted before, but fast forward to today, Facebook and Instagram use a similar thing, and 500 million subscribers are enjoying it. Each hour, programmers formulate new additions to social media platforms that increase their likeability.

These changes are the positive struggles of brands and social media marketers. They cannot just keep up with the trend. These pioneers and trendsetters in social media platforms have to provide new features to which their subscribers will enjoy.

Live Streaming Will Still Be A Hot (And A Necessary) Trend

Some countries have not fully opened yet because COVID-19 is still not contained in their nation, and the disease is still claiming lives. The pandemic has forced everyone to stay at home and work from home in the second quarter of 2020. With that, face-to-face meetings are discouraged, quarantine orders are in place, and transactions are now done digitally. Zoom meetings are now the necessary trend. Live streaming from musicians and various entrepreneurs is the thing to do to keep the work going.

There is a significant increase in the usage of live streaming features on Facebook and Instagram. In countries like Italy, where COVID-19 has hit terrible proportions, one way to communicate with the outside world is through live streams. And since COVID-19 is still a threat, people are now used to interacting with their favorite brands without the need to go to their stores or their shops. This feature will be used even after the pandemic is over, and so, marketers must incorporate it in their strategies to gain more followers. For instance, they were using terms like this: how to find onlyfans accounts.

Stories In Facebook Or Instagram As Delivering Content

The SocialInsider has revealed that video stories have a higher audience than image stories. People are more likely to watch your Facebook story until the end of a video rather than a picture. The study also proved that people do not finish it when a story is an image and tap to the next one. This only proves that followers or subscribers want to watch videos with people talking, singing, or dancing.

If you have noticed, more brands are now visible on social media and use the video stories feature.

Virtual Reality Is Gaining Popularity

Since interacting in real life is limited, the virtual reality feature is now gaining popularity. It can be very depressing to stay at home 24/7 just because going out and staying connected outside is not an option. No man is an island, and we all need to communicate and bond. Virtual Reality, in a way, can alleviate that issue.

Now on a beta-phase period, Facebook Horizon is an online game that offers virtual reality options. It is still being tested, and it looks promising.

Augmented Reality Features Are The Bomb

Augmented Reality, or in layman’s term, “filter,” is so common these days that even kids know how to use it. In AR, all you need to do is open the camera on your Facebook app and choose which AR you want to use. In Facebook, such an option is connected with filters coming from Instagram. It will make a person’s face look thinner or have hearts on cheeks or the bling effect. The feature is fun to use and constantly provides new AR choices.

Social Commerce Will Be Stronger Than Ever

It is all about convenience and ease when shopping through your social media account. Before the pandemic, people had to go to the website and shop. Today, just by viewing a video story, one can buy merchandise with the help of the BUY BUTTON in the stories of your favorite brands. There is no need for you to go to their site, click the item you want to buy, check out, and pay. Now, you can click the button on their stories, and it will direct you to buy the item on the spot. This is the new age of shopping.

Campaigning With A Purpose

More and more brands use social media platforms to make their campaigns known. For example, a company will showcase that its products are cruelty-free, and a portion of its revenue goes to centers that provide environmental help. This is campaigning with a purpose and is an effective way to increase their sales while promoting social media use.

Features in social media platforms will continually change. It is always a great thing to go with the flow in terms of technological advancements. And since social media platforms are regularly updating, people should incorporate in their lives that the power and influence of the internet are permanent. With that, use it to your advantage.

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