Why Do We Need to Monitor Social Media?

social network monitoring servicesNowadays, the world is mostly ruled by consumer society. Often, a company providing some kind of services has a corporate website or blog, where people can leave their feedback on products and services. However, we can’t but agree that it is much more convenient and customary for us to leave a review of the visited place on our pages on Instagram or Facebook. But what do companies do in this case to get feedback from their clients?

This Is Exactly What Social Network Monitoring Is For

Regular monitoring of brand mentioning throughout the Web allows you to track how many times and in what ways your company has been affected by certain publications of any users of social networks. Listening software will help the company to instantly find out what the clients are writing about it. If the criticism is not constructive and a negative post is the work of competitors and hackers, the monitoring will allow you to react to the post in time and avoid losing your reputation.

With the help of this monitoring, it is also possible to analyze competing brands and compare their performance with your own.

Another not less important function is the analysis of advertising campaigns. Using the monitoring of social networks, it is possible to understand whether your advertising works, as well as to track the evolution of the audience’s attitude to the brand.

Also, the monitoring can help to find thematic discussions, participating in which you will be able to promote your brand through more frequent mentioning in the relevant environment.

What Requests Can Be Used for Monitoring?

The number of queries may vary a lot depending on the company’s business area. Often the semantic core (the range of requests) makes from 20 to 50 units.

The Key Categories:

  • Company brand – all the main variants of spelling are specified.
  • Product brands – the titles of product lines are indicated.
  • The names of top-managers of the company – if the combination of the first and last names is quite common, it is necessary to specify the position, profession or brand name.
  • Competitors’ brands – specify them if it is necessary to compare indicators.
  • Industry-specific queries – they are indicated if it is necessary to search for thematic discussions.

What Platforms Are Used for Monitoring?

  • Blogosphere – blogs on all platforms are tracked, as well as standalone blogs;
  • Social networks;
  • News;
  • Forums.

In addition to all the above, many automatic monitoring services allow you to put on the list additional sites, which also need to be monitored, such as media, comments on certain websites, thematic portals.

Monitoring Methods

The main monitoring methods are manual and automatic. But which one is better to use? It is better to use the method of manual monitoring if the number of brand mentions does not exceed five per day and the only actual task is to immediately respond to negative publications, especially when there is the need to cut the budget and save on purchasing an automatic monitoring system. In other cases, it is preferable to use automated monitoring. Its advantages are:

  • Continuity – constant monitoring and the possibility to get a report on the current state of affairs.
  • Saved parameters – no need to enter data over and over again, since you can simply adjust the parameters as needed.
  • Deep monitoring – the opportunity to view data over several years.
  • Automatic data system – unlike the manual monitoring method, it enters data into tables automatically.
  • Analysis of the received data.
  • Report generation – indicative charts and diagrams are based on the collected data.
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