Solving the Problem of Employee Attendance with Ximble Time Clock App

solving the problem of employee attendance with ximble time clock appManaging employee scheduling is one of the most essential and tough tasks that a human resource department has to handle in any organization. There are several technological innovations that have helped the HR Executives in handling the issues further. How about a cloud based Time Clock app that would simplify the task of employee scheduling? We have an answer in the form of Ximble Time Clock App. Let us understand how it works.

What is Ximble Time Clock App?

Well, those in HR industry are aware of the software developer Ximble Software Systems Inc. Ximble is a cloud based Clock Management System that helps you in scheduling and tracking employee attendance.

The Ximble Time Clock App has been launched for tablets recently and forms part of Ximble range of Platform suite. It comes with several features that help you in reviewing and improving employee time sheets.

How Does the Time Clock app work?

More than anything else, Ximble Time Clock app offers you ways to prevent Buddy Clocking. If you are unaware of the term, Buddy clocking refers to clocking in and out for another employee. Most of the time management tools currently available are susceptible to manipulations because of their manual controls.

Time Clock App is indeed a technology in a new direction. The innovative feature of the app is its PhotoClock feature. Each of the clock in or clock out by the employee captures a photo of the employee for verification. This paves the way for preventing Buddy Clocking to a huge extent. Your employees can clock in or clock out by means of a QR code or PIN.

The Ximble Time Clock App substantially improves the absenteeism at your work place. The tablet compatibility makes it the great choice as it can be accessed from anywhere at ease.

Why is a Time Clock App so essential?

Recent studies have indicated that almost a quarter of the work force resorts to buddy clocking. This is done as a means of covering up the absences for longer durations and even missed shifts. This can affect the productivity of an organization considerably.

This can have financial losses to the organization, but in addition, it also amounts to a loss of trust as well. It can have negative implications on the progress of a firm. Time clocks that have been used traditionally fail to address this issue. It has been mainly because of their vulnerability to manipulations as also lack checks and balances. Ximble technologies have actually outshone with a unique way to fight and address the Buddy Clocking behavior. The PhotoClock feature would have workers to make the photo identification mandatory.

The Ximble platform is available in multiple languages and is used in over 30 countries. There have been claims that it has helped reduce absenteeism by around 70 percent. Ximble has also claimed that the staff time management has been reduced by about 40 percent, thanks to the Time Clock.

How much does it cost?

Ximble time Clock forms part of Ximble platform suite for employee scheduling and tracking. The Ximble Suite includes several applications like scheduling, location management, labor optimization, ximbleChat, payroll management, overtime management and others apart from Time Clock App.

The service of the entire suite would cost $2 per user per month. That would be a small investment for the company if they really want to develop a healthy employee culture.

Any Pros and Cons?

As with any other software product, Ximble too has its own set of positive and negative points. Some of them can be summed up as here below:


  • It can be considered to be the best in its class.
  • A neat look and pleasing appearance leave out clutters.
  • Easy to manage and review.
  • Accessible from anywhere, thanks to its tablet compatibility.
  • Beneficial for both the employees and employers alike.


  • Sending text messages and alerts attracts a little extra cost.
  • There is not much customization available

The final Thoughts

If an organization looking up to be productive in its endeavors, curtailing the tendency of buddy clocking is one of the important steps. Any organization can prosper only if it can capitalize on their work force. Time clock app from Ximble can be a great option in developing trust and openness in an organization that aims to be progressive in its outlook. If you want to prosper along with your workforce, do give it a try.

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