The Art of Cold Sales: Tricks and Techniques

cold sales marketing tipsCold sales mean persuading a customer to buy your product without any visual contact with one, which is usually conducted by making telephone calls and sending emails. However, such approaches are completely useless without knowing the right methods. If you wish to find out how you can succeed thanks to cold sales, just keeping reading this article.

How to Increase Effectiveness?

In order to achieve better results, you should follow a simple algorithm that will help you build a strong bond between you as a sale manager and your customers involved in cold calling and mailing:

  1. Present the purpose of your call or message clearly;
  2. Provide your customer with the most interesting information on your products or services;
  3. Monitor the customer’s willingness to purchase something;
  4. Get your client contact information;
  5. Accept the request for a business proposal;
  6. Arrange the meeting.

The mailing isn’t as effective as a phone call as it does not really allow understanding the attitude of the customer toward your offer. You can send him or her a properly composed message, but the expected reply might still not be received. However, you can always use an alternative way — the voicemail. By using the right intonation, you will cause interest in your offer. All in all, cold calls are still one of the best techniques to sell your products or services.

What Should You Say?

You can just follow this plan for the best results:

  1. Greetings;
  2. Presenting your company;
  3. Explaining the purpose of your call;
  4. Reaching an agreement.

Later, when determining an individual approach to a certain customer, don’t forget about particular features of the neuroscience behind sales. It’s important to know all the basic psychological factors that may influence the customer’s decisions in order to know what to suggest. It can be, for example, the dependence from other people’s opinions or “love” for discounts. Also, you should not be afraid of being rejected and be ready to make some concessions if your customer doubts.

Remember that every time you will have to overcome at least three objections during the conversation. The first one isn’t a demonstration of your customer’s unwillingness to purchase something, but it can just be a simple confusion due to your sudden call. The second one may occur due to a lack of information about the benefits of your product or services, and the third one gives particular reasons for rejection. If you repeat the purpose of your call right after the last refusal, you will increase the chances of achieving your goal.

Another important thing is your and your potential customer’s time. Try not to waste it! Therefore, your business offer should be brief but attention-grabbing. What is more, put some efforts into figuring out, which time will be perfect for calling in order not to cause any unnecessary annoyance. If possible, create a special schedule.

By following our simple recommendations, you will be able to turn cold sales into the most powerful weapon in attracting new customers, and your skills will further develop due to various situations that you will encounter.

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