The Ongoing Power of Direct Mail in 2018

direct mail marketing benefitsDirect mail marketing is viewed by some in various marketing sectors as being a slightly dated, old-fashioned option, but just because it’s not cutting edge, doesn’t mean it won’t yield huge results.

That’s not even factoring in what can happen if you utilize direct marketing and elements of digital marketing to create a multi-channel approach. At the very least, direct mail can help prop up digital marketing efforts, and for these reasons, it’s still a potent and logical marketing route to go in 2018.

Direct Mail is Extremely Effective if you’re mailing the Right People

That’s a pretty big ‘if’ isn’t it? Nowadays, a lot of companies like to think it’s an either situation when it comes to different channels of marketing, when in reality, they complement each other.

Direct mail for instance, can be an extremely powerful tool when it comes to reaching out to potential customers, but only if you’re targeting the right group of people. That’s where all the useful data put together with digital marketing forms, like social media marketing, comes in. By using data, you can select and target the right prospects for your direct mail campaign. Choose the right company, one that can cover your digital marketing and direct marketing needs, such as US Presort (

The biggest flaw when it comes to direct mail is always going to be the cost if you don’t get a solid return, but if you’re targeting the right people, you can expect a much better return on your investment.

Standard Direct Mailing is Surprisingly Inexpensive

When you think about sending out thousands of letters, catalogues, postcards or flyers, the first thing on any business-conscious individuals mind is always going to be cost. However, it’s true that mailing individual pieces is expensive, that’s why sending larger quantities through the Postal Standardized Presorting Services will yield significant discount while dropping the postage price of a single piece almost with 50%.

Extremely Measurable Results

One of the best elements of direct mail as a marketing tool is that it can provide extremely measurable, trackable results. This allows you to enhance your marketing efforts, and make sure your money is being spent where it’s most efficient, rather than just throwing them away.

Three Ways to Use Direct Mail for Your Business

Brochures or catalogues with products and services have long been shown to produce a positive reaction in people receiving them, and more than that, they actually drive business. Beyond those two points, it’s also been shown that if someone’s looked through a brochure or catalogue, there’s a strong chance they could end up buying online too.

Special offers and discounts are also a great way to use direct mail. By reaching out directly to the people who you know are already likely to buy your products or use your service, and showing them various special offers and deals, you’re going to be enjoying a solid return on your investment in direct mail.

Dimensional pieces or envelope packages are another way to increase the curiosity of the recipient of your direct mail piece and increase the open rate respectively the response rate of your marketing efforts.

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