The Pros and Cons of Using Facebook Ads for E-commerce

pros cons facebook adsWe continue to see an increasing interest in advertising e-commerce businesses on Facebook, and even though in many cases it provides excellent results, there are both positives and negatives related to using Facebook ads. So, if you want to know why you should (or not) use Facebook Ads for e-commerce, this article will provide two pros and two cons that will help you assess whether it’s worth using or not. Let’s dive in!

Not Too Expensive

Most of the time, online entrepreneurs that complain about the prices are those who hadn’t allocated a budget for advertising. You’d be surprised to find out that Facebook Ads has one of the lowest cost per 1,000 impressions available on paid advertising platforms today. In case you are committed to creating a campaign for a specific purpose, and you have some goals that can be quantified with Facebook, allocating capital for paid Facebook campaigns should be something to consider seriously.

The Ability to Conduct Micro-targeting

The second pro we want to talk about is the ability to conduct micro-targeting. On Facebook, your ads can reach a specific type of people based on demographics, geographical locations, hobbies, personal interests, annual income, marital status, etc. In other words, you can set up your ads to reach the exact type of people who are most likely to buy something from your e-commerce store. On top of that, you can even retarget potential customers, meaning you can reach people that have visited your page in the past and might have a greater interest in buying from you.

Diminished Organic Reach

Moving on to the cons, the main disadvantage of using Facebook Ads for advertising has to do with the diminished ability to get organic reach. In order to gain broader exposure for your e-commerce business, you have to pay for it. The posts users see on their wall are based on an algorithm, and what it deems as important or valuable content for users may not be that way. The bottom line is that Facebook had become an environment where you must have a reasonable budget for advertising; otherwise, your exposure would be quite limited.

High Competition

Right now, as you read this post, there are tons of competitor e-commerce businesses advertising their products or services using Facebook Ads. What is means that if you don’t know exactly who your target audience is, what are their needs, and what they’re looking for – you might be wasting money for nothing. Bottom line – if you don’t know how to target your audience most accurately, you might end up demolished by the fierce competition on Facebook Ads.

Some Final Words…

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