Top 4 SEO Trends Every SEO Pro Should Know in 2019

video recording webinar on seo trendsSEO is a continuous evolving space. The year 2018 came up with lots of changes in the SEO zone including Medic update, changes in Google My Business listings and so on. The coming year too promises some interesting trends that are going to rule 2019. If you are an ambitious SEO professional, you must make sure to keep yourself updated about the latest SEO trends to check out in 2019.

Mobile-First Indexing

Mobile-based searches are making up a considerable part of online searches today. Thus, no wonder, Google will be stressing even more of mobile-first indexing in the coming year. But what is mobile-first indexing? Well, it’s a process where Google will take note of the mobile version of a site’s content to determine the website’s ranking position in the search engines. So, as a SEO professional, you should advise all your clients to adopt a mobile-responsive approach for their websites as soon as possible.

Rise of Voice Search

Voice search will also gain prominence in 2019 over manual search. In fact, it has been estimated 50% of searches online will be carried through voice search only by 2020. It means, the process will start to accelerate from the coming year. So, what does it mean for the SEO professionals like you? Well, the trend beckons the stress on long keywords instead of shorter ones which have been the norm for years. It’s because when we search manually, we tend to type3-5 words maximum. But, when we speak, we tend to speak a longer sentence. Thus, to optimize a web content for voice search, SEO professionals now should increasingly focus on longer keywords that may range from 7-9 words.

One of the main reasons behind the growing popularity of voice searches lately is the increasing consumption of Home Assistant devices like Alexa, Homepod or Home.

Hyper Geo-Targeting for Local Search

The coming year is about to witness a more refined local SEO.As we all know, local searches online are particularly focused on a specific area, say a certain city or suburb. But in the coming year, we will see a more precise geo-targeting. It means, the targeting will not be limited to a particular region any more. In fact, it will further narrow down to cross-streets for a more specified geo-targeting.

Customers prefer proximity to businesses as much as possible. They will go for a business which is just couple of blocks away instead of ca business that’s miles apart-despite being on the same city or suburb. The trend of hyper geo-targeting is going to capitalize on customers’ affinity towards greater proximity while shopping.

Linkless Backlinks

2019 will mark the year of linkless backlinks. These backlinks won’t carry any sort of hyperlink but instead will clearly mention the name of the business or website. It seems to be a more powerful SEO strategy as it directly brings your brand before your audience.

There are various ways by which you can know more about the latest SEO trends. You will find articles, journals, podcasts and also live webinars. If you don’t have to catch the live webinars at the time of their broadcast, you may record them on your Mac to watch them later. But, how to record video on Mac? Well, you have video recording programs today that can record live online video and save it in your system. One good option is Movavi Screen Capture Studio. The program is developed by internationally reputed software developer Movavi and the software is extremely easy to use. It also helps with automatic recording.

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