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If you are a startup or a small business trying to stand out from the competition, you may find yourself in a place where you are struggling to make an impact. In the modern era, it is all about visibility. No matter how good your product or service is, if your target audience doesn’t know about your brand or company, your business will not sell. Fortunately, there are plenty of Google products & advertising platforms, some of which are free, and some are paid, to help you get the required online exposure.

The following are the top 10 Google products & advertising platforms you can consider for your business.

#1 Google Ad Manager

Google Ad Manager, also known as GAM, is a Google marketing platform that brings the best of DoubleClick For Publishers and DoubleClick Ad Exchange into a unified account. In the scenario where publishers have transformed into multi-platform content creators, Google Ad Manager lets them run all types of campaigns both not on a programmatic and guaranteed basis with their waterfall of EBDA (exchange bidding dynamic allocation) auction frameworks. It provides an optimized competition feature allowing marketers to maximize their ad inventory across private and reserved marketplace deals, and open auctions.

#2 Google Ads

Google AdWords or Google Ads is one of the Google products and advertising platforms where marketers bid on specific keywords for their clickable advertisements to show up in Google’s search results. Google Ads is extremely effective for several different business types, no matter the size. However, the key is to bid on relevant keywords and write quality CTR ads. You need to know that Google Ads work faster than search engine optimization and can help your business increase brand awareness.

#3 Google Marketing Platform

Google Marketing Platform consolidates Google products and advertising platforms for better collaboration and data sharing. It is a suite for cross-channel marketing that packs Google’s tools for analytics and advertising. It can help run tests on your website so that you can improve on user experience. Moreover, you can turn metrics into engaging reports so that you can visualize the information available. Lastly, this Google marketing platform provides deep insights into ad data and websites, giving you a better understanding of what your targeted customer base is looking for.

#4 YouTube

Yes, don’t be surprised here! YouTube is one Google product that has more than a billion users from across the globe. They spend millions of hours on the platform and generate billions of views every single day. So, for video marketers, there is no better advertising platform than YouTube. It is a powerful marketing tool that can attract customers from different parts of the world. Producing your own videos is a low-cost affair, and posting them on YouTube is free. Hence, it is a great way of gaining exposure to millions of active users.

#5 Google for Retail

Truth be told, many of you haven’t heard about Google for Retail yet. It is a free Google marketing tool that offers solutions for retailers and vendors to list their inventory on Google before shopping for Ad campaigns. From smarter ads to easier transactions, you can build a better retail experience for your customers. You can put your business name, product price, and images right in front of people searching on Google. The best part about this platform is that no matter what platform your customers are using, they will be exposed to your ads.

#6 Google Display Network

Google Display Network is affecting more than 90% of internet users as it gives you the benefit of having access to a broader audience. It is a favorable Google marketing tool for your business for several reasons. For starters, it is an effective way to acquire brand awareness, retain your existing customers, increase your sales, and attract new customers. Using Google Display Network, you can create powerful ads that have a strong visual impact on your audience.

#7 Google+ for Brands

Google+ for Brands allows companies to join Google’s social network. Although it is not as popular as Twitter or Facebook, it can help you connect with customers and people who love your products or services. One of the significant benefits of Google+ for Brands is that it gives you a direct connection to Google search results. If a user types a ‘+’ before your brand name in the Google search tab, it will show him/her your Google+ branded page. Moreover, if a similar search is performed in Google News or Google Maps, it will ensure that your business’s branded page will show up.

#8 Google Consumer Surveys

Google Consumer Surveys are enough to make you sit up and pay attention. Google Consumer Surveys promises to provide a clean sample. You can turn answers into insights since it offers tools to reliable insights from people across the internet, enabling you to make more informed business decisions and understand your marketing influence. Moreover, you can design custom surveys to understand your customers better.

#9 Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a Google marketing product that lets you track data about how visitors engage with your website and that too for free. It is essentially helpful to optimize your online marketplace. This way, you can know how much traffic your website attracts, including finding out what people do after they get to your website and where your visitors are actually coming from. It will help track every visitor to your website and generate helpful statistics and reports.

#10 Google Search Console

If you are an SEO specialist, you might have heard about Google Search Console. This Google product can do wonders for your marketing campaigns. Marketers use this tool to find index errors on their websites. It also helps in knowing the keywords and queries you are ranking for. The best part, it helps you know which site is linking to you and whether there are any broken links present.

Final Words

Well, there are more Google products & advertising platforms that we haven’t included in our list. This includes Calendar, Google Docs, and Gmail, among others. If you want to market your business ahead of the competition, you must explore these tools.

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