Top Instagram Tools for Your Small Business

top instagram tools for small business
When it comes to using Instagram to run a small business, it’s important to have a strong online presence. Even if you have a business that’s only brick-and-mortar based, you need to interact with customers online because that’s where everyone goes before choosing to purchase a service or product. And one of the most important platforms for you to show off your business and engage is Instagram. Especially if you’ve got a lot of younger customers like millennials and Gen Zers, you need to be active on it a lot. And you need to use all the right tools, too. It’s one thing to post often and engage constantly, and it’s quite another to know what strategies will help you out the most.

So if you’re ready to make your small business even more successful with the right Instagram tools, read on.


vsco image filter instagram
Everyone knows that Instagram is a way to share photographs and cool images. Since then, it’s become a huge part of the American economy, being used by all kinds of businesses to show off their products and connect with their customers. And even though there are lots of strategies that matter, what’s most important is the basics: having beautiful images that represent your business. That’s why VSCO is such an important tool. It’s great for both taking photos and editing them, and even offers additional filters outside of the ones Instagram has. The Like button on Instagram is hit an average of 4.2 billion times per day – so if you want some of these likes, use this tool to get more of them.

2. Magic Social

magicsocial instagram followers
When it comes to running your business’s Instagram successfully, you need to engage as much as you can with your followers and people who like your posts. And while following back and sending DMs can be useful–as are other strategies such as using the right hashtags and writing witty captions–it can take a long time to get a big following. If you’re sick of constantly putting in the time and not getting engagement out of it, consider using a service like Magic Social, which will get real Instagram followers, targeting users by hashtags, usernames, locations, and more. In a world where seven out of ten Instagram hashtags are branded, investing in a service like this can help you stand out from all the other businesses on Instagram.

3. Iconosquare

iconosquare social media analytics
Understanding the actual results of your Instagram efforts is a huge deal. That’s why it’s so important to have a Business for the Instagram profile, which can get you free analytics about your most successful posts and followers. But if you want extra information, you need to use other tools. One of the best is Iconosquare. According to Lilach Bullock, this tool is a “social media management and analytics platform designed specifically for Instagram. You can use it to analyze your followers in detail, as well as see insights into how you’re losing or gaining followers…There is also analytics for hashtags, and you can see what the best times to post updates are.”

By having all that information, you can have way more success than ever with your Instagram profile. Considering that 50 million users have signed up to Instagram in the last six months, you’ll get even more popular if you understand the analytics behind your strategy.

4. Buffer

buffer social media manager
When it comes to having a successful social media strategy, all of your platforms need to be lined up. And if you’re releasing content–for example, a blog post–you need to plan all that writing in advance, and even create a social media calendar for how you’re going to promote it. But not all of us have time to do all that planning or the money to hire a social media strategist. That’s where Buffer comes in. This tool allows you to publish and schedule future posts on a variety of platforms, including Instagram. This way, you can spend a little less time planning and more time actually making your content as good as possible.

Considering that it’s been said that, by 2019, Instagram ad revenue could reach over $10 billion, you can see just how much potential there is with this platform. By using Buffer, you can improve your strategy, and make even more money than you do now!

These are some of the best tools out there to make your small business’s Instagram account the best it can be.

What other strategies and tools have worked for you when it comes to improving your online presence? or you can just Pay Monthly Websites UK and let them manage for you from top to bottom, sounds wonderful right?

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