Tracking Tips – Best Guide to Rostering Software

tracking tips guide to rostering software
If you are juggling numerous employees with changing schedules, sick days, and late attendance, it is time to invest in online rostering software. One of the most difficult and time-consuming aspects of running a business is trying to manage a growing team of employees. Fortunately, technology has delivered a modern and intuitive solution to your scheduling problems, in the form of online rostering software. Read on for our quick and simple guide to harnessing the benefits of rostering software.

Employee Scheduling

How it Works

Online rostering software produces a fully tailored work roster in just a few minutes. The first step of the online roster-building process is to set your preferences for each employee. This means you can ensure the roster prioritizes older employees for certain shifts or groups of employees based on experience level. Once this information has been inputted the software remembers and optimizes all future rosters according to this information. This saves you the time and hassle of having to manually create new rosters every week. If slight adjustments are required, the simple drag & drop feature enables you to make amendments quickly and easily.

Key Features


Trying to schedule your own working week is hard enough. Managing the schedules of a growing team of people is a whole other ballgame. All it takes is a few people to call in sick to completely overturn a carefully curated roster and turn your productive workforce on its head.

Speaking to individual employees to manage a constantly evolving schedule consumes a considerable amount of valuable time from the workday. Employee rostering software streamlines this difficult process by removing you as the ‘middle-man’ who is constantly searching for someone to cover a last-minute shift. Rostering software enables your employees to directly input and modify their available hours. The software then automates a roster based on these availabilities that are also legally compliant with meal break and labour laws. Employees are automatically notified when an open shift becomes available and can easily accept the additional shift using their smartphone or computer.


mobile work auto scheduel
Online rostering software provides you and your employees the flexibility to view and modify the roster from mobile devices including iPhones and Androids. This enables employees to quickly pick up shifts from home and ensures that they are aware of their schedule well in advance. Management can also create, copy, modify and publish rosters from leading mobile devices. This provides you with the flexibility to work from home and monitor your employees when away.

Demand Planning

Inaccurate labour forecasting costs businesses a considerable amount every year. By integrating your rostering software with your other existing business and sales software, the system is capable of producing an accurate labour forecast based on your existing sales and booking data.

Auto-scheduling using the labour forecasting feature ensures that you’ll always have the right amount of staff. This means that your business saves on the cost of labour on quiet days, and is not short-staffed on the busy days that matter most.

Employee Monitoring

Leading online scheduling software also includes time and attendance tracking tools and records. These features are an incredibly beneficial tool to help business owners monitor the attendance of their employees and streamline time sheets at the end of the week. Employees can easily clock in and out directly from their smartphone, on-site kiosk, or even via SMS. This enables you to flag any consistently late employees.

employee attendance check
Integrating your online rostering software with your existing payroll system allows you to easily review and approve employee timesheets. This can then be exported into your payroll software or emailed directly to your HR representative or department.

Final note

Online rostering software can save your business a huge amount of time, money, and effort when it comes to organising and monitoring your staff. Online rostering software streamlines some of the most difficult and fickle aspects of operating a business and managing employees, allowing you time to spend growing your business and enjoying time off.

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