The Ultimate Guide to Consumer Engagement

ultimate guide to consumer engagementCompanies who want to grow successfully online must aim to engage with their customers daily. Feeling a connection to a brand can often be the biggest part of the sales journey. For this reason, you must aim to build a relationship with your target audience using various marketing tactics.

The Customer Experience

Prove to your target market that they are your number one priority by providing an amazing customer experience. Of course, this all starts at the frontline of your business, so you must establish a company culture, hire employees with the right personality and attitude, and enhance your customer support services.

For example, avoid call time tracking to allow your customer service representatives to spend a little extra time helping your customers, so they will feel they are more than just a number when they ask for your advice or assistance. They’ll be more likely to trust in your brand, and could even recommend your products or services to their family, friends or colleagues.

Humanize Your Brand

friendly logo brandingPeople make businesses. Allow potential customers to relate to both your company and staff by humanizing your brand. Define your company’s personality, and ensure every member of staff reflects who you are and what you do, so you can genuinely engage with your core demographic. Feature your staff on your website, across your videos and on your marketing materials, which can establish your company’s voice. For instance, encourage your talented employees to write blogs on your website, which will complement your branding whilst providing informative industry advice.

Develop an App

Mobile apps can set your business apart from your industry rivals. Rather than them having to type your URL or brand name into Google, people can simply download your app, which will live on their mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet computer. So, they can access your products, services, news and more at the click of button. Visit Data Design Systems for professional mobile app development.

Personalized Communications

Personalization can refine your marketing methods to improve your reach and engagement. The personalization process can take various forms. For example, you can send an automated happy birthday or welcome email to a subscriber. There are also sophisticated algorithms online that can recommend products or services based on a person’s browsing history. Companies leading the way for recommendation engines include Netflix and Amazon. The most successful personalization methods must engage an online user, but should not make them believe they’ve received the ad thanks to accumulated data.

Listen to Your Customers

top notch customer servicesThe internet provides the online community with a voice, and you would be foolish to ignore your customers. Stand out by carefully listening to every customer complaint, and aim to provide a personalized, helpful response. A customer-orientated approach will result in more people engaging with your brand and spreading the good word about your products and services, even if you charge a little more than your rivals.

It’s therefore important to pay close attention to the customer support strategies you employ. Carefully consider the first interaction and how they will move without stress or hassle to different departments. You can trust your brand will be rewarded with their loyalty if you provide a seamless, helpful and friendly end-to-end experience.

While no business owner wants to read negative feedback, every complaint can make your business stronger, as you can identify the company’s strengths and weaknesses. By taking the time to listen to your customers and tweak your products and services, you could become a leading competitor in your chosen industry, and can provide a service based on trust and dependability.

Publish Useful Content

Producing high-quality content must be at the top of your priority list when developing a customer engagement strategy. That’s because informative, entertaining content can improve the customer experience and can potentially increase satisfaction.

A recent Google study found that 48% of smartphone users are also much more likely to purchase a product from businesses that create instructional videos online. One brand that has proven how successful instructional videos can be is Home Dept. After identifying that many customers were visiting YouTube to find helpful instructional videos to complete DIY projects, the brand decided to launch their own video marketing channel on the platform. It’s fair to say their marketing strategy paid off, as their “how-to” videos have received more than 43 million views.

Do you have any helpful tips on how to improve consumer engagement? Please write a comment below to share your advice.

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