What Types of Emails Does B2C Need

what types of emails does b2c need
The very definition of B2C confirms that emails are crucial for this scheme. Business-to-consumer marketing is all about direct communications with end-users. As they are much more numerous than business partners, the frequency of instant communications is more intense. Despite the growing trend of emails, the need for post offices is still there. You can visit this site if you are searching for the best post office and your browser history is full of searches like ‘post office near me‘.

That’s why B2C companies need a suitable channel, and emails perfectly fit all requirements. In a nutshell, pros are:

  • popularity – about 4 billion email users worldwide is an argument;
  • minimal costs – you can send bulk mailings for almost no money;
  • speed and reliability – messages are reaching a wider audience literally in seconds (if they’re not spam, of course);
  • expanding technical features – forget simple messages of the past as today this is format with a robust set of options;
  • amazing ROI – one dollar invested in email marketing returns as $ 40

There are other pros, and some cons too as nothing is perfect in our Matrix… But these advantages are quite enough to agree that emailing is performing a solution to grow B2C business. So, we should not miss this opportunity.

Definitely, email marketing of any kind is not as simple as it may seem. A lot of specific skills, ideas and inspiration are required to create proper email design, fill it with relevant content – and send to the well-segmented target audience. Of course, you may find all the necessary HTML email templates that you need here, but let’s explore what types of emails are mandatory for B2C.

Welcome Emails

B2C requires an emotional approach to engage the target audience, unlike f.ex. B2B where mutual business interest is a way to come right to the point. Building communications with end-user is a much more sophisticated task, and it starts with first impressions. That’s why welcome emails are essential as they set the whole tone of further friendship.

According to HubSpot research, emails of this type show high CTR and CTOR and the highest open rate – 50%, some companies even reach 80%. But how we can make them so performing? We have some tips for you.

As we said before, you are contacting customers for the first time. So you should add greetings and thanks, the best solution is to make it right on the banner. “Thank you” are magic words and a basis of loyalty.

Then, help clients to know your brand better. Providing extended assortment works good, but you can also tell the history of the brand or introduce CEO… Monica Vinader succeeded to make 3 in 1.

welcome emails
She added her photo in the very first scroll, then explained what kind of products her company is selling – and, finally, told a brief story about why she devoted herself to jewelry.

The next is personalization. Of course, you should use subscribers names. But personalization is much deeper. The welcome email is a great opportunity to know clients better. Add forms to fill – this way you’ll have precious info about age, gender, marital status, etc. Another solution is an option to set preferences, it protects subscribers from disappointment as they will receive only relevant content.

As for design, everything depends on your imagination, whether it be bright or modest – just make it catchy, and don’t forget about brand consistency. The same goes for all the emails you send. Be always recognized with your unique corporate style. In a header, add the logo to remind your company’s name once again. And be sure that CTA button is clear and noticeable enough.

Don’t forget email footer, add your contact information, map, social links, website address, phone numbers, etc. It would be nice to mention the date of foundation and rewards you have – yeah, it’s not bad to boast a bit.

Promo Emails

We greeted our newcomers, got more familiar… it’s time to proceed with emails that used to be a core of our communications as they keep people updated. Right, all that is about promo campaigns. This topic is to say a lot about, tons of posts are written… So let’s pay attention to some secrets of stellar promo mailing.

The first question is how often should we send promo emails. It’s an individual but the best choice is to send them weekly. CampaignMonitor survey shows that 60% of respondents prefer this frequency. So don’t be too annoying, otherwise, you may increase unsubscriptions and spam report rates — hard to believe that you need this result. And, of course, seasonal and holiday emails are crucial for growing your business.

What is a good promo campaign? Your email should be unique because millions of competitors offer similar goods and services. Remember the following recommendations to be outstanding.

    • make catchy subject lines as they determine whether people will open your message or not. By the way, “sale”, “discount” and “off” words work well despite someone say they are spammy;
    • think your value offer thoroughly as promo email starts with an offer and it determines the email design;
    • emails should spread emotions. Remember this when working on design and copy! Pick the best words to appeal to emotions and describe your product;
    • be in trend! For today, interactive elements are hot trends. Use countdown timers to create a feeling of urgency and accent on sales size, or rollover effects, images carousels, etc. People like to interact with emails.
    • personalize and even hyper-personalize emails, from subject line to content. Segmentation helps a lot but tracking customers behavior works too, for example, you may show how to combine the previously bought stuff with new items… kinda like this:

promotion emails

  • last but not least are the series of emails. It is especially relevant for the product launch announcements or forthcoming events. Learn more about teaser email campaigns to intrigue subscribers as such emails show good conversion among promo emails and are greatly anticipated.

Order Confirmation Emails

We continue with special types of emails for special cases. Order confirmation emails are important because people must be aware that everything is OK with their orders.

Time is the most important factor for emails like that. So please, send confirmations immediately. Secondly, you must give an opportunity to change items or even order more.

Mandatory components are:

  • list of ordered items;
  • pics of the products;
  • price;
  • total cost;
  • delivery date;
  • way of delivery;
  • your contact information.

Look at this perfect example. Everything is here, plus kind and cheerful copy.

order confirmation emails

Shipping Confirmation Emails

These emails are following order confirmation, so to say. Again, you should send them as soon as you have any news. Actually, all triggered emails should be sent immediately, literally within seconds. Don’t make people wait.

Some recommendations to make a good shipping confirmation email:

  • stick to the brand style;
  • confirm the ordered items;
  • inform about shipping method again;
  • mention the total cost, including taxes;
  • and say “Thank you” to clients.

The more you communicate with people, the higher are the chances they will come to you again.

shipping confirmation emails

Abandoned Carts Emails

Abandoned carts are money we lose. The bare fact is that only 33% of customers complete their shopping, so the rest 67% fail. We should remind them about initial intentions, but how to do it? Speaking about emails, follow the recommendations below:

  • links should take directly to the cart;
  • all the discounts should be valid;
  • send not single emails but sequences;
  • personalize abandoned cart emails;
  • make appealing and concise subject lines;
  • provide testimonials;
  • add images of abandoned items;
  • email design should be bright yet simple and surely brand consistent.

abandoned cart emails

Notification Emails

These messages are the easiest way to inform people what has happened or about to happen. They show the highest open rate. But still, we need to follow best practices.

  • the subject line here is not a flight of imagination. Notification email subject line is the very notification. The email content is about details only;
  • one single clear message at a time. Don’t confuse subscribers by promos or sales;
  • be specific. Get straight to the point;
  • one clear CTA;
  • send right away.

notification emails

Reactivation Emails

Unfortunately, people often say “no” despite all the efforts of marketers. According to investigations provided by HubSpot, annual losses of databases are about 22.5%. Clients may stop using our products and services, choose another company, our quality has worsened, etc.

But we actually can re-engage subscribers. Tips to make effective re-engagement emails are:

  • play the blame game;
  • show clients how you feel (but be honest!);
  • show the subscribers what they are missing;
  • show your generosity;
  • provide an alternative;
  • show your new look;
  • or just add “Update preferences” option. Maybe something changed in a client’s life, f.ex. children grew and they don’t need diapers anymore but looking for some school goods? When you let them update preferences, your email newsletters may become relevant again.

reactivation emails

Apology Emails

Statista’s data witness that clients’ satisfaction with ecommerce reaches 82%, but it means that 18% are still displeased. That’s why apology emails are needed if you want to change the situation for better.

How to make them successful?

  • respond in time;
  • make design sweet and not too festive;
  • stick to your brand’s style and design;
  • be honest and polite;
  • be creative. A good way is to be funny and cute. Just look at these kitties… who would not smile and fade anger?

apology emails

Survey Invitation Emails

The last but not least are invitations to survey. Did you know that survey response rate is about 10%, and famous companies reach 25% point? Surveys are the core of feedback. How can you involve people?

There are two most popular tools to arrange surveys, Google Survey Forms, and SurveyMonkey. The former is easier while the latter is more advanced. As for tips, here they are:

  • catch people with a value proposition – offer a discount, f.ex. 15% for the next purchase;
  • choose the perfect time. When the questionnaire is short and consists of 2-3 questions, send it anytime during the day. Long questionnaires are better to send in the evening when clients are relaxing;
  • share the results. When people spend time to do something they want to know the results. So, promise them that you will share the results. People like to be a part of something big.

survey invitation emails

Summing up

We have made a brief review of email types B2C businesses need. In conclusion, we’d like to remind once again some universal things to remember here:

  • never underestimate the segmentation, personalization and even hyper-personalization. There are many ways to collect data – use them all and then apply. The customer has to feel treated in a personal way;
  • be cheerful, emotional and polite;
  • stick to hot trends, be on-time;
  • be always brand consistent. People have to recognize you at first sight;
  • and the number one key is your true love and kindness. Be good with clients. We are doing all this for them to make their life better, aren’t we?

Sincerely wish you best of luck!

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