Which Industries Can Benefit the Most from Whiteboard Animations?

Whiteboard animation has been around for years now, but in spite of other newer methods of animation making their way onto the scene, the popularity of whiteboard animation among industry leaders has only soared higher with each year. There are multiple reasons as to why these humble animations have not only remained relevant, even in the age of CGI, but have actually become the prime method of marketing, branding, and creating awareness. However, it is the simplicity of the medium which is the prime reason behind its success and it is this same simplicity that has also made whiteboard animations effective in almost all sectors of business. Having said that, there are certain fields which have more to gain from investing in whiteboard videos than others and we are going to take a look at some of them next.

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The education business as a whole is one of the biggest prime industries in the UK, which has tertiary roots and branches in so many sub-categories that all of it cannot even be listed properly without missing a few, and whiteboard animations can be useful for most of them. For example, any online education course or professional training course can benefit immensely by using whiteboard animations to simplify and explain complicated concepts to their students. In some ways, and under certain circumstances, whiteboard videos might be a better option than even live classes through the webcam or just a generic instructional video, since they work on the principle of educating the viewers about the core concepts, rather than superficially teaching just the associated steps.

Marketing and Branding

Most corporations can create brand awareness and market their products or services with whiteboard videos for sure, but what we are talking about here is the specialist marketing and branding industry as a whole. No one understands the impact that these simple animations can have on business better than marketing agencies because they themselves conceptualize and visualize the ideas, which are then brought to life on the whiteboard by creative teams like Spiel. In other words, no other industry finds whiteboards to be more essential than the marketing agencies because they are the ones who benefit regularly from them. In case you have a marketing business or any other small business of your own but have not paid as much attention to whiteboard videos as you should, do find out more about it because the results for your clients or your own business can be quite amazing.

Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses

Thanks to social media marketing, just a single, well-designed and short whiteboard animation video on Facebook can help you create brand awareness among the target audience in a matter of days. If you have a small business and you don’t have a huge budget for marketing yet, contact the creative team directly and make your own whiteboard videos because the associated production costs are low, it’s a fast process and social media makes it so much easier, as well as cheaper to get your video across to thousands of viewers within a very short time.

Consultation Business

Whether you offer legal or business consultation, the nature of the business is such that people need to understand how they stand to benefit from the service you provide and what sets you apart from everyone else in the industry. While that is pretty much what everyone wants, in the consultancy business, explaining your agency’s probable role in the improvement of your client’s business interests is crucial to success. That’s exactly what whiteboard animations are all about – explanation, education, and persuasion.

Start-Ups with Novel Ideas

The last few decades have seen some ground-breaking ideas come in to play, which have changed business, entertainment, and even our lifestyles forever in the course of their success. Now, arguably the hardest part about turning a novel idea into a business model is the job of convincing investors that you actually have a winning idea on your hands. This is once again where whiteboard videos can prove to be so useful.

For example, if you need funding from investors for a new revolutionary app that you are developing, but the concept is too complex for them to understand presently, chances are that you will be able to better convince them if there was a concise whiteboard video to explain the most relevant and important bits about your work quickly. As the simple educative animations are easy to understand and remember, a well-planned, well-made whiteboard presentation could make your pitch seem infinitely stronger and relatable, instead of just seeming strange and complex because of its novelty (which is ironic!).

Healthcare Industry

The complexities of the healthcare industry are extreme because not only must the people involved in it deal with the social, industrial, and legal aspects like in all the other sectors, but they also must also somehow accommodate the intricacies of medical science within the business frame. This is, of course, not an easy process by any means and the only way to make it all work is through education. Everyone involved in health care must learn the basics, as well as the updated information concerning their particular area of expertise and healthcare in general. Whiteboard videos can be used to train, teach, and advertise the necessary knowledge on a regular basis, without making everything seem like a tiring ordeal for the employees.

This isn’t a comprehensive list, of course, but it isn’t meant to be one either. It is supposed to convey the general idea regarding which businesses can benefit the most from incorporating whiteboard animations into their educational and marketing activities, and how.

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