Why Every Business Should Invest in Custom T-Shirts for Their Employees

why business should invest employee custom apparel
Customized apparel is becoming very popular among various companies because it helps generate more sales from within the company.

Wearing polos, sweatshirts, t-shirts, or other customized apparel with the name of an employer or company name is becoming the new trend; it reaps many benefits. Most people overlook how crucial employee engagement can be to the success of your company.

Employee engagement helps reduce staff turnover, while improving employee efficiency and productivity.  This engagement helps retain customers at much higher rates, leading to more profits for the company. When employees are actively involved in the company where they work, they are overall happier and more likely to generate growth for the company.

Giving employees and prospective clients unique accessories and custom apparel creates a long lasting relationship between the company and its customers because it fosters connections between the two.

Branded Apparel

As Codrin Arsene, CEO at Digital Authority Partners, a Chicago Marketing agency points out, buying his company t-shirts from Screen Print This was “one of the best decisions” because it generated more business and created happier employees.

Digital Authority Partners is a Chicago-based software company that works with medium and large companies to help them grow their business. Since Digital Authority Partners competes with thousands of other companies, it is harder for them to stand out.  This prevents new clients and customers from reaching them. Arsene believes that the custom t-shirts Screen Print This made for his company leads to new customers, engaging conversations, and better employee morale.

Branded apparel is becoming part of a new trend. With the free advertising that comes with customized apparel, it is a no-brainer that all companies should be buying custom t-shirts for their employees.

Benefits of Custom T-shirts

From design to fabric quality, custom apparel is the new way to promote your company and engage employees. Custom t-shirts and polo shirts can be used as uniforms within a company, since they are business casual and easy to wear.

Below are some reasons why you should invest in custom t-shirts for your company:

free advertsing with custom apparels

1. Free advertising

What is better than walking billboards? Custom apparel, creates free advertising for the company because your company logo appears on the t-shirts. Thus, a stronger community is created to help drive your business to the next level. Furthermore, the person wearing the apparel is more likely to be in places where you would not initially advertise your company. Therefore, you get free advertising in places that you would least expect thereby increasing your advertising range.

2. Generates loyalty within employees

Custom t-shirts allow employees to feel as if they belong to something.  This need to belong is one of the most important human needs. By wearing t-shirts bearing their company’s name, employees experience pride in their workplace. Pride creates stronger relationships within the company and leads to greater commitment within the organization. Apparel that is of good quality creates a positive reaction within and to the company and generates happier employees.

3. Generates more business

Wearing custom apparel with the company logo gives more exposure for your company which means more business. By creating a professional business image (with the help of customized t-shirts), customers are more likely to take you seriously and buy your products or services. Customized apparel creates a professional environment making it easier for customers to approach you.  The simple act of wearing custom apparel can introduce you to new people who want to buy your product or service.

4. Improves customer loyalty

Putting customers first creates a mutually beneficial relationship between the company and the customer. Many companies send customized apparel to their customers, creating a sense of greater engagement between the customers and the company.  This effect leads to more sales. Customers are likely to take pictures in their customized apparel and post them on social media, generating more free advertising for the company.

5. Increases workplace security

Customized apparel, especially t-shirts, creates a uniform that can be easily distinguished by customers and possible clients. Uniforms allow workers to instantly realize who works with the company and who doesn’t. This is very important for medium- and large-sized businesses which can have one hundred to thousands of employees working for them.

6. Your company gains brand exposure

brand exposure with apparels
Employees are likely to wear their customized apparel outside of work for future clients to see. This allows employees to showcase the brand everywhere they go, letting your logo and brand become more recognizable. This creates more exposure to the brand and leads to more sales.

The Bottom Line

Custom apparel should be used by all companies to help promote their business and generate sales. Whether you are trying to raise awareness for a fundraiser, seeking to gain some free advertising, or working to boost company spirit, custom t-shirts are the way to go. Customized apparel, such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, sweatpants, and much more has many benefits for the company, employees, and customers. It generates free advertising, instills loyalty among both employees and customers, generates more business, increases workplace security, gives companies brand exposure and overall, helps to grow the business.

This post comes from Kyros Insights.

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