Why is it Profitable and Useful to Work with Ukrainian Outsourcing Companies?

Ukrainian Outsourcing Development

Historically, outsourcing was developed in the United States and by this term it is often realized the transfer of the company’s operations outside contractor – for a fee that is not associated directly with the results of the activities of the client company. Until recently, the largest outsourcers have company combining auditing, consulting, technology, and even legal services. Now these businesses are gradually separated.


Outsourcing in the development and implementation of offshore software company is a relatively new phenomenon. Except for certain cases, it is at least thirty years old, and it was flourished in the last 10 or even 5-7 years.

Occupation of the software outsourcer can also be different and include some or all of these stages: pre-project consulting, business analysis, architecture design, code development and user interfaces, quality control, prototyping, implementation and deployment, technical support and maintenance, etc. There are companies that are engaged in general-purpose products and there are those that make a product oriented to a specific vertical market or even a single customer (this often requires the state specialists with unique skills, for example in the field of wireless telecommunications or numerical methods).

In recent years, interest in Ukrainian companies has increased. There were fairly large orders. Growth is likely to continue against the background of recession of the American market. However, any exact figures are difficult to consider.

India has been recognized as a leader of offshore software development in the world. Next for India there are other developing countries – Taiwan, the Philippines, Indonesia and China. It is interesting that Vietnam is recently trying to enter this group as well. All of the countries mentioned above are providing cheap service, but the quality of programmers’ work is not as good as Ukrainian specialist can offer.


European or American customer, hiring a team of programmers in Ukraine gets higher than in India level of the team, readiness to solve complex technical problems, and lower staff turnover, as well as smaller cultural differences. The cost of the programmer in Ukraine is 2-2.5 times less than in Europe or North America. The customers are coming in Ukraine first because of the quality of services, the ability to solve complex technological problems. Ukrainian developers can quickly learn the advanced technologies such as Internet solutions, Java-based data storage, system based on Oracle and Informatica, applications for mobile devices iPhone, iPad, Android, as well as gaining experience in a number of application sectors.

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