Why It Is Important To Use The Right Language To Build Your Application

why-it-is-important-to-use-the-right-language-to-build-your-applicationIf you are developing a web based or mobile app you want to make sure you are using the best programming language for the job. You want to make the design process is as seamless as possible and you also want to create an impressive end user experience. Choosing the right programing language to use when completing custom software development is all part of this.

Each programming language brings something to the party and it’s up to you to see if they bring what you want. We are going to discuss some programming languages and their attributes. Then we are going to focus on the programming language which we believe is the best solution if you are creating apps.

What do the different programming languages have to offer?

We could not really talk about programing languages without talking about Java. It’s the most widely used programming language around and also the highest rated when you look at many rankings. Java can be used when developing apps for both mobile and desktop. If you are developing a web app then it’s worth looking at PHP as a programming language. Using this you can expand web apps with ease.

This language is at the core of many of the best known content management systems (CMS), such as WordPress. If you want to create animations on your page, or you want to make a webpage interactive in any way, it’s a good idea for you to get acquainted with JavaScript. Using this programming language enables you to do things such as make content on your webpage responsive and interactive.

Why Python/Django is a good combination

When it comes to the world of app development, Python and Django make for a very strong partnership. Python is a very strong all in one programming language that can be used to create web apps with highly developed data analysis and interfaces. For this reason, many large companies utilise Python in web app development enabling them to carry out detailed analysis of their data sets.

Django is a Python framework that is known for its power in the world of databases. If you want clean and pragmatic design then Django is a good choice. It’s also an excellent tool to use if you deal with a lot of forms in your business. Form creation is probably never going to be that much fun but it can at least be made a lot easier using Django. The vast majority of the work is done for you automatically.

All of these programming languages have their place in the development of web and mobile apps. Your choice of language is going to depend on what type of app you are looking to develop. From our point of view we have found Python/Django to be incredibly effective as a strong and smooth solution that produces high performing results.

Original Author – Jude Plunket

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