Why Should You Use Dynamics 365?

why should you use dynamics 365If you are a small-to-medium sized company, you have at one point in time looked at the option of which software is best to invest in; Enterprise resource planning or customer relationship management software.

As a small company, you would have found that the price of both theses software’s combined is just far too much money for your budget, this would have forced you to either pick between the making use of either enterprise resource planning or customer relationship management software, or even chose to not use either software.

In most cases, we see that smaller businesses choose to settle on making use of the enterprise resource planning software (ERP). This is because of the fact that ERP software allows owners to make use of basic accounting functions, help companies manage their stock and production of their products, which is the bare basics most small companies need to start with.

The flaw to this option is that there is no customer relationship management software (CRM). Without being able to make use of CRM software, any small-to-medium sized company will a hard time keeping up with the latest innovations and trends in marketing and customer service. There are some ERP software’s which do provide a very basic version and CRM functionality, however, the down side to this basic if not rudimentary version of CRM software is that small business will lose the benefits that come with making use of a high quality and pricey CRM software.

How Can We Fix This?

Until 2016 not much could be done about the fact that it was not financially viable for companies who didn’t have the capital and income to pay for both ERP and CRM software’s, however, in November 2016, Microsoft decided to launch a new software called Dynamics 365.

Which is a cloud software solution which merges both the Microsoft AX (the Microsoft ERP software) and CRM software’s into one platform?

When Microsoft first launched the Dynamics 365 it was only available for enterprise companies, however, they promised to make it available to all levels of businesses in the spring of 2017, which is what they have done.

What Is So Special about Dynamics 365?

Aside from the fact that the software is cloud based (which is a major bonus), Dynamics 365 is priced at a really good price and for the first time allows business owners to make use of both ERP and CRM software at the same time for the first time without having to break their budget.

Another awesome factor is that the integration or move across to Dynamics is super easy and Microsoft have done a good job at making the process simple and easy to complete.

Lastly, one of the major concerns with most companies is that staff are unable to access the information that they need, to fix this Microsoft have included a Common Data Service which allows staff to access the information they need, which speeds up the entire process.

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