Why Should Your Business Office Have a Break Area?

why your office need break area
A break area is something that not nearly enough companies invest in. It’s is more than just a seating area for people to gossip and slack off. Many studies have been published that explain the benefits of taking regular breaks from work and taking time away from desks. Humans aren’t designed to work long and difficult hours and sometimes sitting at a computer for hours on end produces far less results than sitting on a sofa for half an hour. So, nurture your employees and donate some of your office space to relaxation and see for yourself how it can improve your company.

Boost productivity

Studies have found that people are far more productive when they work in short bursts. When people work for long periods of time without regular breaks they might find themselves losing motivation and focus and feeling lethargic. Rather than sitting at a desk and being overwhelmed by a problem, it’s far better to regularly take a step back from a problem to put your thoughts in order and get fresh perspective. This is why employees at Google are encouraged to take on independent projects. During the day, when they come across a problem with their work, they can divert their attention to their independent project for a while to prevent themselves from getting bored and to give them time to mentally digest the work that needs to be done.

Cultivate creativity

Even in a non-creative company, there is always use for creativity and innovation. A break area is a great space for employees to brainstorm, bounce ideas off of each other and indulge in some stimulating activities that will get their creative juices flowing. In the right kind of space, people can work on ideas and feel inspired. Usually the design of break areas have a great impact on creativity, so by investing in some creative and modern breakout area furniture and placing a few interactive elements around the space – like fidget cubes, sketchpads and books – you can nurture your employees’ creativity.

Improve employee relations

It’s important to give people a chance to socialise face-to-face with their co-workers. In the modern workplace, most communication is digital and during the working day it can feel that there isn’t much of an opportunity to have satisfying human interaction. Many people leave a job feeling that they barely knew the people they worked with. Having a break area in your office is a great way to give workers a chance to get away from their emails and have a conversation. Social interaction is key to good mental health and successful collaboration. People can casually discuss ideas with their colleagues, destress with a casual conversation and generally build stronger relationships with the people they work with.

Increase job satisfaction

i love my job
It’s important for valuable employees feel valued. An office without a break area or a space to just sit down away from work can start feeling like a prison after a while. You don’t want your employees to feel as though they’re trapped at work. You want them to feel welcomed and comfortable. When people feel comfortable in their place at work they’ll generally be happier and more enthusiastic about their work. You’ll be less likely to lose valuable employees and have a better chance of finding good quality candidates to employee in the future. The atmosphere of a workplace makes a huge impact on the quality of the work that’s produced, so make your workplace welcoming and relaxed.

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