Why You Need To Make SEO Analytics Available To Your Clients

As an SEO expert, who wishes to push your client’s sites higher and higher up Google’s ladder, it is essential to remain transparent. These individuals will want to know what you’re doing, when you’re doing it, and how much you’ve achieved at any point in time. If you’re able to prove to your clients that their website is slowly making progress, they’ll be satisfied and will continue utilizing your services. If not, you may end up losing your clients and your business may fall apart at the seams. Within this guide, you will learn the importance of making SEO analytics available to your clients.


Maintain Transparency

It is truly vital to make your clients trust you and your company. Without trust, your clients will begin to doubt you. They may question what you’re doing with their money. Transparency is key for ensuring trust is maintained. By utilizing an SEO reporting software, exporting the data, and providing it to your clients, you’ll be able to provide your client with periodical updates. This will let them know firsthand that you have indeed been working hard on their behalf and that their money has been put to good use.

Creates A Timeline

It is undeniably true that search engine optimization is an ongoing process. Although you may eventually climb to the top of Google’s results, you’ll still need to continue adding links to maintain that spot. If you fail to do so, your spot will be taken by a competitor. Your client needs to be aware of this and you should be willing to provide your client with some type of timeline for achieving front page status. This is where the SEO client management software will prove to be enormously beneficial. This software will let you know how far you’ve come and how far you need to go, in order to reach the front page.

Makes Your Job Easier

SEO experts consistently depend on their data. They need to know exactly what backlinks have been index and which ones are more effective. The only way to obtain this information is by utilizing some type of analytics software. And, this is complicated even further by the fact that you are responsible for monitoring the progress of multiple websites. The software will make your job tremendously easier. It’ll let you know precisely what is working, what has been indexed, and what you need to do next to climb above your competitors. The software will make your job easier, while also ensuring you’re able to achieve your goals.

PPC Success

In search engine marketing, a great deal of success will depend on your ability to setup and manage a PPC campaign. Trying to juggle too many campaigns at once will prove to be a disaster. Such software will give you the ability to setup a PPC campaign, which cater to the precise budget of your client. Be sure to utilize this information and show it to your client directly. It will help to ensure they’re well aware of how their money is being spent and how successful their PPC strategy has been!

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