Corporate Identity Now Goes For Darker Theme

When I browsing the net, I just recently found out that a couple of corporate sites had migrated from a clean white theme website to a darker theme website. For example, Apple had changed their corporate identity from white to dark. Personally, the new design really catches my eye..maybe I myself love the dark theme website. The design are awesome especially the BIG X that really taking all the attention from visitor..a job well done for the designer..he knows how to catch visitor’s eye..:)

ps.gifToday I visited Matt’s place and come across an article and found out the gaming platform Sony Playstation also loves a dark theme and design their blog with very nice design of the dark theme and they’re using WordPress platform too…just to see how WordPress become more popular within the corporate network. The Playstation blog design is superb and well organize…must be custom-made..don’t think it had a widget ready do you?… I love what the designer does with the sidebar and post area. Well finally this is something that comes to trend and more and more corporate identity beginning to accept darker themes in their choice…and now when will Microsoft change their site to a darker theme…just kidding!

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