4 Essential Life Skills and Routines to Help Advance Your Career Faster

Whether you’re stuck in a rut in your current job or are just wondering if the grass might be greener elsewhere, you’re certainly not alone.

Moving up the ladder in any given role can feel like the ultimate uphill battle. That said, you oftentimes the best way to advance our careers has much less to do with others and more do to do with ourselves.

Before you assume it’s your manager or a coworkers that’s standing in your way of advancement, why not start by looking in the mirror? After all, everyone has room for professional improvement in some way, shape or form.

In fact, we’ve outlined four essential skills and routines for those looking to move forward in their careers. Each of these skills represent the building blocks of what it means to take your career to the next level.

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Understanding What it Means to “Study”

It doesn’t matter if you’re studying to become a better investor or you’re simply looking to get a better grasp on your industry. You should regularly be consuming some form of high-quality information day after day to help you better yourself professional. Whether through books, blog posts, podcasts and everything in between, you need to absorb information like a sponge.

But perhaps more importantly and often overlooked is putting that knowledge into practice. Simply reading and studying isn’t enough: by applying your knowledge and taking action, you cement what you’ve learned and carry it with you throughout your career.

Never Shy Away from Networking

The more connections and relationships you have in your professional life, the better. You don’t need to say “yes” to everything, nor do you necessarily need to be a social butterfly; however, you should be willing to speak up and talk to others who can open doors for you.

Consider yourself shy? No problem. When it comes to networking for introverts, there’s actually so much that can be done online thanks to the modern world of social media. From job opportunities to like-minded professionals, connecting with others in your space can be done in a matter of seconds without any sort of face-to-face-awkwardness.

Give Yourself Some Credit

Those who struggle to climb within their companies quickly tend to beat themselves up a bit.

Relax. Rising through the ranks means learning to trust yourself and have a stronger sense of confidence in your decision-making. Instead of obsessing over what you haven’t done yet, look at the possibilities in front of you and celebrate the successes you’ve already had.

It might be cliche, but advancing your career oftentimes represents a marathon and not a sprint.

Accepting Reality

Finally, it pays to accept both your strengths and your weaknesses. If you’ve been spinning your wheels for years in a certain role, perhaps it’s time to cut your losses and move on. Sure, you could hold out hope that conditions will improve; however, wouldn’t it be more prudent to take action?

Accepting your situation isn’t about admitting defeat, but rather figuring out next steps are to move forward.

Sometimes it’s not necessarily money or a change in jobs that advances your career, but rather your personal habits and routines. By sticking to these principles, you may be surprised at how quickly you can advance in your professional life sooner rather than later.

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