5 Simple Steps to Increasing Productivity in your Office

5-simple-steps-to-increasing-productivity-in-your-officeA recent study has suggested that working in a minimalist environment is demotivating for employees and ultimately reduces productivity. Thus, while it may save businesses money in the short term by skimping on aesthetics, in the long run turn-over is seriously hampered by gloomy office spaces. With businesses exploring every avenue they can that’ll give them an edge, it’s odd many don’t tackle such a simple problem.

Dr. Chris Knight from Exeter University in England alongside his colleges presented their findings recently which stated that employees were 15% more productive when the environment they work in is decorated with just a few plans, the idea being that providing employees with an engaging environment ultimately creates engaged employees.

We had a think, what makes our office so lovely and productive? Here’s 5 things that you can implement in your office to make it a more pleasing place to be.

Green Plants

Just as the study suggested, plants are a great way to improve the ambience in your office. Not only do they enhance the beauty in your office, but they also clean pollutants out of the air, while replacing it with more oxygen.

Art work

Having some interesting posters in your office is a great way to improve motivation. Providing employees with an attractive place to spend their day is an enormous motivational boost- and motivated happy employees are productive employees.

Air Quality

The number one environmental problem in the US according to the Enviormental Protection Agency is air quality indoors – and given that the average American spends 90% of their time indoors, we can begin to see a problem. The solution? The U.S Dept. of Agriculture says that ionizing a room dramatically improves the quality of air in a room as well as keeping windows open and letting air circulate freely.


This method of therapy originates in ancient Egypt. It’s well established in the psychological community that colors trigger emotional responses from individuals – however minor, they make a difference. In its most simplistic form: red energizes, yellow intensifies the intellect and heightens motivation, and green has a healing effect on the body.


When it comes to lighting, there is no competition for natural light. Offices with lots of windows letting in as much light as possible are more motivating places to be than basement offices with by artificial lighting. They are said to increase stress and fatigue.

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