5 Thrift Store Shopping Ideas

If you are a seasonal shopaholic, then the concept of thrift stores and flea markets is not lost on you. They are simply a boon to shoppers. Extremely budget friendly and full of surprises including vintage love and futuristic trends, thrift stores have got it all. Sometimes, a simple clean up and it is as good as new. It is a form of recycling that reduces environmental waste and sweatshop labor. This concept has caught up so wildly that even e-commerce has its own brigade of thrift stores flourishing!

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Let us run you through a few thrift store shopping ideas;

1. Make a List

Just because you are in a thrift store, you can not go all out and spend on unnecessary things. You need to identify your needs and spend on those first. Without a proper list in mind, you’ll only exceed your budget as you’ll end up loving everything you lay your eyes on. This brings us to another important step: bring limited money, cards will probably leave you bankrupt!

2. Don’t ignore the torn and tattered

Many a times, we find stuff in a rather poor condition and put it away almost just as quickly as we notice it. A little re-work, alteration, fixing and mending, it’ll be just as good as new only at a much lesser price even if you include the repairs. It could be a bit time-consuming but aren’t all good things worth the time?

3. Shop for Everyone

Thrift stores, surprisingly, are excellent gift shopping avenues. From antique vases, frames, paintings to funky furniture, they have it all. If you are worried about the worn out looks, keep in mind that the old school look never goes out of fashion. Especially with the antiques. A quaint little brassy touch to anything makes it look quite classy. Don’t you agree?

4. Stay Updated

These are mostly impromptu sales with people hosting garage sales or store clearance sales. In order to get dibs on the best of that there is, you need to stay updated with these and keep tabs on the local thrift stores. Ask them often when the new stock would come in. That way you would be one of the first customers to get your hands on the amazing items that the sale has got to offer before others get a chance to.

5. Be Smart and Practical

Since it’s a thrift store, the chances of exchange are rare and the return policy will be as good as non-existent. So, before you make the payment and seal the deal, haggle as best as you can, try it on and take a good look. Identify the problem areas and see if repairs can mend it and only then, buy it. You sure do not want to have something in your wardrobe that you can’t wear or use, right!

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