Want to Travel the World? Then Make Sure to Add Cybersecurity to Your Travel Bag!

add cybersecurity to bag when travel
Time to travel the world again? Or all set getting back to your homeland? It doesn’t matter if you travel for business or to get some fun in the sun, either way, you’re going to need to strap in a little cybersecurity into your travel bags along with your sunscreen.

But, “I have my travel the world map, why would I need cybersecurity?

Well, read ahead and trust me, we’ll be on the same page in no time!

Cyber risks you need to be aware of when traveling

The road paved by technology has been made many significant improvements, with newer advancements. Among these, promotions are the fact that traveling has become a little more convenient.

For instance, you’ll be able to book both your flights, hotel, and restaurants before even setting foot into an airport.

However, just as convenient as all of this may seem, there are many risks you might want to look into. Traveling unprotected, precisely without any cyber-protection, can cause a lot of harm. On trips, you’re most probably at some point going to connect to a free WiFi or plug in your phone to another unknown device.

There are also a lot of security vulnerabilities at airports. The risk starts the moment you step foot at the airport door until the end of your trip. Cybersecurity is essential in all walks of life, but if you want to ensure yourself a smooth vacation or business venture, it’s time you take a little action of your own.

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The cybersecurity checklist for traveling

There are many threats when traveling, and among these, lurks many in the cyber world. However, there’s always something you can do about it. Not all precautionary measure lies in hiring the best IT or cybersecurity team to tend to your needs. You, as an individual, have a big part to play in preventing future cyber-attacks, wherever you may be, however you can know more information here.

the cybersecurity checklist for travelling
The points below highlight everything that you can do:

Pack sensibly

It’s a fact that when travelling alone or with family, you might pack a little more than required. Among the layers of clothing and snacks, you also happen to take along too many devices. This includes more than one phone, a laptop, a streaming device or a tab. And, if you’re travelling with family, the number of devices are most likely going to increase.

What happens when you carry a lot of sensitive information on your devices? Many things can go wrong where that is concerned. For instance, you connect to unknown free WiFi networks, which can turn out to be bait, set up by hackers.

They’ll have access to all that’s on your device in no time.

Cyber-sunscreen for your devices

Just like your skin needs a little protection, so does your device and data. You are carrying sensitive information on your devices, tapping into your online banking accounts or even shopping online while travelling, it all can pose as major threats.

Always prep your devices with top of the line VPN software, or even an anti-virus, after reviewing them of course. If you already have security software on your device, make sure you update it. Old versions of apps also come with double security vulnerabilities.

Lock your luggage

Along with security software, passwords are similarly essential. Firstly, never just leave your devices unattended. You have to make sure each device and account on it is passwords protected. Secondly, simple passwords won’t cut it, so it’s pretty advisable not to keep names of pets, family, birthdays, hangout spots, anniversary dates etc. you get the gist right?

Double authentication at the hotel door

Have you ever heard of stranger danger? I’ve watched too many travelling movies to know how this ends. Double factor authentication is super essential where cybersecurity protection is concerned. There are times when a strong password might just not be enough. So for that, make sure that you are alerted or notified every time someone tries to change your password, or if someone has already logged into your accounts using a different device.

Cybersecurity is better than the Gram!

With that being said, don’t overshare or share every single detail from your trip. There could be a case that you share pictures of your current whereabouts. If a criminal gets wind of such a post, they’ll see themselves into your hotel room while you’re out.

Check all the settings on your devices

leave your bluetooth disabled
Before or during travelling, give a complete sweep through your device to make sure nothing is out of place. For instance, leave your Bluetooth disabled at all times, unless it’s really required. Your device can easily be paired to another. The attacker can then send you files containing viruses or more, targeting personal information.

Create a separate account for travelling

Never use a personal device for business and never use a business device for leisure. When you’re booking flights or hotels online, you might not know everything about the company. Some travel agencies are scams that steal your credit credentials or log sensitive information that shouldn’t be stored. You’ll never know what all could go wrong. So for the safer side, always create new email accounts and new passwords that aren’t important later on.

Be careful of where you charge up

Just like public WiFi’s are far from being safe, the same goes to unknown or random power outlets. Firstly, never charge your devices to someone else’s laptop or power source. You can’t blindly trust any reference that you aren’t familiar with let alone while travelling to a foreign land. Don’t use random ports at the mall or restaurant either. It can result in information loss and hacked accounts if the information is compromised in any way.

Concluding the travel

Cybersecurity measures aren’t just crucial while travelling. You have to make sure these precautions are continued even back at home. The security risks in technology and the online world are just too high and rapid. With simple steps and a little research, you can quickly help lower the risks.

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