Besides the Highest Salaries, What Else Can Bangalore Offer?

bangalore high salaries city with many surprises
Ever wondered what it is about Namma Bengaluru that evokes a distinct sense of affection in locals, every time the city comes up in a discussion. Is it the beautiful weather in the city? Or are the exciting job vacancies in Bangalore the best of the lot? After all, Bangalore offers some of the highest salaries in India. While it is one of the primary reasons people crowd to this place, a job with a rewarding pay package is simply the tip of the iceberg. If you are planning to move to Bangalore for work or have already found a job in the city, you will find it has a whole lot more to offer.

The Appetizing Indiranagar

A locality that has more restaurants per square kilometre than any other region in India, Indiranagar, with its multitude of restaurants and breweries, is certainly a bon vivant’s second home. Here you’ll find plenty of options to enjoy a lunch date with your team, unwind after work, and hit the pub on a Friday night. Bombay Brassiere, Little Italy, Jonah’s Café, Truffles, Chianti, Burma Burma, Phobbiden Fruit, and Mavalli Tiffin Rooms are some of the most popular joints in the area.

A Shopper’s Paradise

bangalore shopper paradise
Every now and then, one needs to unwind with a little shopping spree. And Bangalore has plenty to offer in this department. From huge malls to street shopping options, you can find it all in Garden City. If you’re looking for both high-end stores and budget-friendly ones under a single roof, VR Mall is your stop. For luxurious shopping and dining options, head to UB City. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly shopping spree that also makes for a weekend getaway, Bangalore’s Commercial Street is where you need to be. Besides these, Bangalore has several other shopping destinations – Garuda Mall, Brigade Road, Vega City Mall, Chickpet market, Orion Mall, etc.

Lovely Weather

If you ever come across a Bangalorean and ask them what it is about the city that they love the most, they will most likely talk about the pleasant all-round-the-year weather. In terms of climate, Bangalore is the ideal place to live in with lovely weather. The city experiences a dry, tropical savannah-type climate where the hottest month is April and the coldest is January. Though rainfall is heavy throughout the year, this simply adds to the city’s already beautiful climate.

bangalore job hunting
So, you see, exciting salaries are not the only draw for people from all over the country to flock to this gorgeous city. If you’re on a job hunt and are looking for job vacancies in Bangalore, contact qualified recruitment agencies such as Randstad India. With a wide network of jobs in different industries, Randstad India can help you find the right job in Bangalore.

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