Why Learning Android Will Kickstart Your Career

According to GlobalStats, Android occupies 80% of the market share of all mobile operating systems worldwide, which highlights the bright future in store for Android developers.

career benefits of learning android
It is not surprising to notice talented and skilled android developers getting hired in top companies for handsome salaries because their demand is increasing every day. Now is the best time to undergo an Android development training to kickstart your career.

Here are the top reasons why you should definitely learn android:

1. Easy to Learn

A basic overview of Java is all you need to start learning Android along with an ability to think logically and analyze problems. The next step is setting up the Android Studio IDE on your PC or laptop. A good Android development course should get you covered in all core concepts of Android like debugging, Android context, screen navigation, task, back stack, fragment, dialog, threading, networking, database and ORM, equipping you to build your own android apps.

2. Huge Demand

The job trends on Indeed, LinkedIn and other similar platforms are a testament to the progressive and hot demand for android developers. 299.34 million people in India use smartphones out of which about 80% of them are Android users. The number is estimated to cross 2.3 billion worldwide by 2022. In such a scenario, the demand for Android developers can also be rightly estimated to increase. According to Indeed, the top companies currently looking for Android developers include Google, Ford Motors, Marriott International, Deloitte, American Express, Intel, Uber, Systel, Amazon Corporate LLC, Yahoo, Facebook, AOL and Salesforce.

3. Great Pay

According to Indeed, the average salary of an Android developer in the US is $112,525. The salary trends also reveal a steady growth over the years which is an advantage of the stable and growing market. Top companies hire android developers for various roles and designations, with salaries much higher than the average salary discussed above.

4. Job Opportunities

Android professionals hold various designations in reputed organizations. Some of these titles include mobile architect, Android engineer, mobile app developer, Android developer, mobile lead software engineer, mobile developer and mobile embedded software engineer.

job opportunities of learning android

5. Steady Growth

By 2020, the job market for mobile app developers is expected to grow by 32%, creating over 300,000 job openings, which could be the largest increase ever for any job position. These opportunities will mostly benefit the developers of the most used operating system in the world, that is Android.

According to Statista, Android has a staggering 86.1% share in smartphones and mobile operating systems which has further increased to about 90% when it comes to mobile operating systems alone. Due to its affordability and value for money, this share is most likely to be retained by Android in the coming years.

6. Challenging Career

The ever-changing Android creates a competitive atmosphere for all those working on it. A career in Android development is one that requires continuous learning due to the fast-paced advancements in the field. Once you are equipped with the required skills, developing novel apps and releasing them quickly in the market at the right time would be a crucial part of your success.

7. Active Online Community

Networking is a great way to stay connected with the community. A good community can help you when you get stuck and also to progress faster. Android is blessed to have a community that is highly active and ever-growing. Android users interact well, and it has 1,208,069 questions on Stackoverflow, which is promising for learners and Android aspirants.

8. Open Source

open source android
Android developers can easily edit and adapt the programming codes because Android is an open-source platform. Developers can easily access the source code, learn and experiment on it to create exceptional apps, thus exercising all their development capabilities.

9. Freedom

Android developers have the freedom to work as they please. They are not confined to a 9 to 5 job. Rather, they have the option to work from their comfort zone which could be their office or home, as long as they complete their work efficiently within the stipulated time. This career also gives you the option to be a freelancer or an independent developer.

Learn Android Today

With these compelling reasons, there is no way to say no to Android development. Give your career a boost by learning Android development.

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