Create Great Infographics with Visme and Add Stylish, Sharable Content to Your Site

Infographics are one of the best things you can post on your site or blog. A lot of people prefer taking in information when it is shown in a visual way that is fast and easy to read, rather than in text or tables, and of course, infographics are also very easy to share. One with really interesting facts on it can even go viral! Whether you use an infographic to present interesting information about your industry, the niche you blog about, or even to give vital information about your product (or compare it with other products), it can be an engaging, attractive thing that you can use on your website, share on social media, and even put in other things like sales pitch presentations.


Why Don’t More Sites Have Infographics?

So, with infographics being so beneficial to a site or business, what stops more people from creating them? Many people are put off by the fact the good infographics you see on other sites look so professional. They tend to believe you either need great design skills, costly design software packages, or to hire a graphic designer – all of which can be out of many people’s scope. Happily, there is a product that can be cheap or even free (depending on the level of features you need), which will let anyone with basic web use skills make incredibly professional infographics and publish them on the web – Visme.

Using Visme for Infographics

While Visme isn’t just for infographics (this YouTube video shows some of its many other applications, including presentations and banner design), for a website owner looking for new ways to create interesting, sharable content this is probably one of the first features you’ll want to work with. Getting started is very easy – all you need to do is register or log in with Facebook. From there, you have access to Visme’s workspace, where you can start making your infographic using either a blank canvas as a starting point, or one of the preloaded templates. One of the best things about Visme is how well designed the templates are – you can quite honestly create a professional looking infographic in a few minutes. If you want to customize any aspect of the template to make your end result match your sites colors and fonts, you can do this really easily too.


Is It As Easy As It Sounds?

Visme really does appear to have been designed with ease of use as the main goal. If you can do something like build a basic website with WordPress, then Visme will seem like child’s play. Publishing stuff you have made to your site or to social media is also incredibly easy, so you can turn around content very fast and get beautiful looking results every time.

Visme comes highly recommended, and given the basic level of membership (which will allow you to create infographics) is free, there is really nothing to lose by giving it a try!

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