How Good Design Can Help Small Businesses


Why does design matter?

When most people think about the topic of design, their mind typically goes to the artistic elements of design — like colors, shapes, and images. But the beauty of great design goes much further than simply looks. Great design is the combination of elements that make up the greater whole.

An exceptional user interface for example, can raise the amount of trust that users place on your website and subsequently on your company. That trust goes a long way, leading to more sales or helping establish your company. Design is another layer of communication that translates what your business is about and who you are trying to reach. Simply put, design matters because it can make a real difference on your company’s bottom line.

Design that sets small businesses apart

Great design is partly about ease of use. Can a visitor easily navigate your website or eStore? If you’re prospective customers find your website overly complex to browse or confusing, then even the greatest service or merchandise on the planet could be left gathering dust on the shelves. User interface design focuses on a user’s experience from start to finish. Thats why it is surprising that so many websites and media products don’t provide any inspiration when countless new technologies are prompting online businesses to spend millions of dollars on design and the user experience. Just developing a web application that is focused on a user-centered design (UCD) isn’t adequate to create genuinely transformative digital products.

While larger companies typically have layers of bureaucracy and brand guidelines to get designed pieces through, small businesses can more rapidly iterate through designs to find what works best. “We have seen countless small businesses significantly increase their revenue after focusing on design. Even simple things like a well designed business card go a long way to increasing confidence and credibility.” said James Gillentine, Creative Director for Branding & Web Design companyBrandCo. When a business chooses to focus on design, they are adding another dimension to their competitive advantage.


What does design do for a business?

  • Gain Trust: Through great design, you can gain the trust of your customers. The more enjoyable the user experience, the more they’ll come to you to purchase your services or products.
  • Reduce Bounce Rate: The purpose of user interface design is to present an optimized design to customers and enable them to browse as fast as possible. Your customers will be dissatisfied if your website is untidy, disorderly and hard to browse, causing them to move on to your competitors.
  • Improve the Shopping Experience: Not only is it necessary for small businesses to give an excellent user experience to visitors, but if you own an e-commerce website, this is a MUST for a stress-free shopping experience.
  • Increase Conversion: If you’re a small business or start-up striving to get your brand recognized, UI/UX element will be even more necessary because you’ll have the ability to convert customers through the quality of your website and application. Customers will have a long lasting first impression.
  • Grab Users Attention: The attention span of a website visitor is really short, within that brief period you have to capture their attention and keep hold of it. UI/UX help you in achieving this goal especially if your brand has something to say.
  • Boost Your Brand: In this competitive environment, you have to brand your services or products from your competition. Advanced features and an appealing layout can help you to move forward in this fast-paced, mobile world. Hence it is vital that you have a clean, straightforward, appealing and intuitive UI, providing an appealing user experience.

Web UX/UI elements that lead to a better user experience Rich Internet Rich Internet Application technology has enabled us to create truly impressive user experiences. The best websites and web applications on the internet now rely on innovative sets of UI/UX components to provide a dynamic and timely experience. Even the largest companies have taken note of how simple design changes can have an impact on revenue. The Guardian published news that Google saw over $200 million in advertising revenue, just by changing the shade of blue on it’s ads.

Companies are utilizing the value of great design and getting long-term success. UI & UX will produce quantifiable results in more sales, more visitors, more downloads and a better bottom line! So investing in a nicely-designed and intuitive UI and enabling users to have a favorable UX will positively improve your brand!

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