How to Increase Your Productivity At Work

how to increase productivity at work
You only get to work a few hours in the day, especially if you work during the 9-5 set up. That’s why you need to make the most out of these few hours. There are two ways one can improve their output: they can put in more hours or work smarter. Smart people will choose to work smarter.

Whether you are an employee or a business owner, the chances are that you want to increase productivity at work. Productivity can boost your morale, improve business, and increase sales. It can also make you become more efficient.

This article gives you the best practices to help improve your productivity. Continue reading to explore them.

1. Avoid multitasking as much as you can

Many people believe that multitasking can help complete jobs since you do multiple things at the same time. But the opposite is actually true. Studies have shown that doing multiple things simultaneously can affect productivity, and shifting between tasks can waste a considerable amount of time. That’s because you continually disrupt your attention when switching between the tasks.

If you have multiple tasks to complete, it’s advisable to know your priorities and allocate enough time for each task. By doing that, you will first work on urgent tasks, and then spend the rest of your time doing the remaining tasks.

avoid multi tasking
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2. Know how to deal with interruptions

There are plenty of things that can distract you while working. Some of these distractions are unavoidable. For example, your manager may call for a quick meeting or a colleague may ask you to help them with something. But if you want to deal with these, you need to know how to deal with these interruptions.

You should be proactive and tell your colleagues that you want to work on something important. Then you can also turn on your status as “busy” on your work app, so that no colleague can interrupt you for the moment.

3. Turn off notifications

Smartphones are now all over, thanks to the advancement in technology. These smartphones are equally good and bad. You can use them to connect with the rest of the world, and at the same time, they can affect your productivity at work. Research shows that more than 50% of smartphone owners in the U.S. admit to checking their phones now and then while at work. Switching off your notifications or switching your phone off completely is one of the best ways you can stop yourself from continuously checking your phone.

4. Take breaks

take a break from work
Taking regular breaks is one of the best ways to maintain productivity at work. Working on your PC for too long can lead to an inactive lifestyle, which can make you become obese or develop health issues such as heart disease or diabetes. A short break can help to increase your productivity. Taking a break is not only beneficial to your physical health; it also promotes your mental health. If the brain works more without taking a break, it can easily get worn out.

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