How To Select The Right Office For Your Start-Up: 3 Things To Know

how to select the right office for start up


  • Are you an entrepreneur looking for a new office space for your exciting new business startup?
  • Have you looked at all property portals and asked your friends for help but not been able to come up with constructive solutions?
  • Do you know what you should be looking for in a commercial property before selecting it as your startup office space?

All entrepreneurs want to spend every waking second on their day building his or her new business. They often don’t want to concentrate too much on where they are working, instead focusing on the work itself and innovating to get their idea out to the world. However, selecting the right office for your start up can save you a lot of money in the long run and should be considered as be one aspect of business ownership that warrants closer attention from budding entrepreneurs.

Scientific studies have shown that a pleasing, positive, airy and conveniently located office space can drive up productivity.  On the contrary, office spaces situated in loud and hard to access areas, lacking natural light and space for individual employees, can lead to good talent packing up and leaving for greener pastures.

In this article, we are going to provide startup owners with some advice on how they should choose the perfect office space for their start-ups.

3 Things to note before choosing an Office Space for your Startup

1. Availability of public transport

The location of an office and the time it takes to commute is one of the primary reasons behind an employee choosing to stay or leave a company. Ideally, you would want to set up your office in a location that has complete access to public transport or main roads.

This means that your office should be located within striking distance to the subway, bus stops and highways. It should also be not located inside a hard to find lane or industrial area where employees have difficulty locating their Ubers or finding the nearest transport link.

2. The natural beauty of the office

We all know that the more you let nature into your workspace, the more your productivity levels increase. It’s important that you understand the positive effects of airflow, sunshine and natural elements in improving a work environment.

eco friendly office space
As a startup, you need to pay particular attention to these things as the happiness and productivity of your employees will be the main driving factor behind acquiring new talent and attracting high profile clients. If someone comes to your office for an interview and is presented with a well lit and pleasant workspace with calming natural elements, their chances of wanting to provide their talents to your company will increase dramatically.

3. Office rent, maintenance and other general expenses

A startup, which is not serious about managing its money, can lead to a potential disaster. This is why it is necessary to look for office spaces, which have little or no overhead costs. You will be surprised to know how much commercial spaces charge, other than the rent.

Start-ups that fail to be serious about managing their money early on almost always end in disaster. This reality means that it’s vital that you search for an office space which has little to no overhead costs. Serviced office brokers, such as London Office Space, make it easy to select the best commercial property for a start-up regardless of budget.

By choosing a serviced office you ensure that most of your office bills are consolidated in one place. It also means that you don’t need to worry about organising furniture for your employees and other things more businesses take for granted, such as WiFi and general utilities.


Selecting the right office for your start-up can be more challenging than you would have previously thought. However, it is essential that you spend an appropriate amount of time, energy and resources into selecting the right office.

This is probably going to be a space where you will start your business, work long hours, celebrate successes and experience failures. Hence, it becomes essential to do it right the first time.

Can you think of some other things business owners should note before selecting an office space? Let us know in the comments section below.

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