How to Self-Learn SEO: A Guide for Independent Learners

seo learning tips guides inspirationInternet users may not realize it, but they are active participants in a marketing technique called search engine optimization (SEO). This marketing discipline is focused on increasing a business’s visibility in online search results. And a good search engine results visibility can increase the traffic of your website. All of these are essentially what SEO is all about.

A research conducted by analyst Marketing Dive revealed that 82% of marketers find SEO to be an effective business tool. Many of the respondents from the study believed that its effectiveness is going to increase further in the future. It is not hard to see why the interest in SEO has significantly increased in the past few years. A boot camp is a great way to learn about it, but it is not the only option available to everyone.

Luckily, there are plenty of resources which anyone can access. Here is a list of things to do if you want to learn SEO:

1. Look for Resources Suitable for Your Skill Level

There are plenty of available programs online, so make sure to look at what the reviews say. You will find shorter and more concise courses, but a self-learner such as yourself will likely benefit from more comprehensive resources. You will learn the basics more thoroughly. It will also allow for better absorption of knowledge. Once you are confident with your knowledge of the initial coverage, it might be time to seek out more advanced materials.

2. Practice Using an Actual Website

You might have learned the concepts from the books, but you will find that putting it into application is a different matter altogether. You will have an easier time learning SEO if you already have a website. If you don’t, it is high time that you create one. It should only take a short amount of time to create a simple website.

Try to utilize what you learned from the course and implement them. While you might be familiar with the basic ideas, you really only learn the tricks of the trade upon practicing. Remember that the internet is ever-evolving and that trends come and go. You will have to know how to adapt to the changes and use them to your advantage, if possible.

3. Participate in the Social Scene

There are people who have been learning about SEO longer than you have. If you’re a beginner, a mentor will be able to help you out in your quest to master SEO. Someone experienced can teach you technical tricks and tips as well as the qualities you need to possess to stay in the game.

As in most things, two or more heads is better one. It would help to hear the ideas and feedback of other people in the industry. Of course, you would need to contribute your own idea as well as these exchanges are meant to be two-way. You can use social media and meet-up applications to look for groups that bring optimizers together. If you cannot find one, you can always start your own.

Attend public events and lectures that focus on topics revolving around SEO. An expert will likely lead the talk, and it will hopefully give you new insights and ideas. Make sure to ask questions and participate in the discussion. These events are also excellent places to meet other people from the industry.

4. Keep an Eye on SEO News and Updates

As aforementioned, it is an industry ruled by trends and algorithm changes. You will not get anywhere if you stick to the basics and refuse to learn new materials. Make sure that you allot time to keep tabs on news that will impact SEO and marketing in general. There are plenty of online news sites that you can check. You can subscribe to mailing lists, too. It’s understandable if you’re too busy to go through all articles about SEO, but at least pay attention to items getting a lot of traction.

While self-study is a more challenging task compared to attending formal classes, it is not without advantages. You will, at the very least, be able to learn at your own pace and at your own time. If you have commitment and dedication, your business and website will flourish in no time.

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