How to Start Your Own Open Source Project

how to start your own open source project
Do you have an open source project idea that you would like to make a reality? Large numbers of people come up with all sorts of great open source project ideas, but many of these people fail to take their idea to the next level because they lack the confidence to do, they are not disciplined enough to do so, or they don’t know how to do so. Below are some tips that will get you over any hurdles you may face when you start your own open source project.

Improve Your Skillset

In many cases, you need to have technical skills that will allow you to create an open source project. Initially, you may have a great project idea, but not the skills and experience required to complete such a project.

For example, if you will need to do a lot of programming and other IT work, it’s essential to complete a relevant IT-related course, such as a software development masters degree. Once you complete a course like an online masters in software development program, you will be able to complete a wide range of technical tasks yourself and have more control over the work you do.

Identify the Goal or Goals of Your Project

If you are going to take this kind of project seriously, you need to become extremely focused and identify the goal or goals for the open source project you have in mind. Some people have modest ambitions when it comes to this while other people want to develop a project that helps huge numbers of other people. However, every project needs to be done by completing clear steps and you should decide whether, or not, the project will be a one-off project or will it be an ongoing project.

Type of Licenses

After creating any type of open source system, you need to license it in the proper way. A wide range of open source licenses is available, including GPL, LGPL, MIT, and BSD3, as well as a range of other license types.


Some open source projects have a limited scope and you don’t need help from other people. However, a larger project can take on a life of its own and you may need to get the help of other contributors who can grow and improve the system you develop. For example, WordPress has become one of the most popular open source systems on the planet. Much of the growth and success of WordPress is down to the fact that so many people have been willing to help with its development over the last few years.

Technologies to Be Used

open source platform
The tools you use will determine how good your project becomes. Quality has become an even more important consideration because people who use open source systems and tools expect more from these systems.

Starting your own open source project is not as difficult as you may think. Once you have a great idea and follow the tips above, you could become the next successful open source system creator.

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