How to Successfully Organize a Stag do Weekend in Sofia

how to successfully organize a stag do weekend in sofiaThe success of any stag party relies heavily on the organizer. And if that’s you, you should know that it’s not an easy task. There are too many areas that could go wrong, and too many hard decisions that you have to make by yourself.

This is why we’ve planned a short guide to creating a stag weekend that doesn’t fail. You’ll learn the five aspects of every successful stag weekend, and how you can handle each area to guarantee success.

1. Who is invited and who isn’t?

Drawing up the invite list for a stag do weekend is much harder than drawing the wedding’s invite list. For one, you need far more people than on the big day; but most importantly is the fact that you cannot invite anyone to a stag party.

Inviting everyone on the basis of being the groom’s friend is the road to a guaranteed fail. You have to evaluate your invitees and the repercussions of inviting them carefully. For example, is it wise to invite the groom’s boss and risk a career-ending incident? Or, do you invite Billy, who is your groom’s friend, but who can never keep a secret? Always remember that what happens on the stag do weekend mostly remains within the group, there is no room for gossipers.

2. When will the stag party happen?

When planning a stag do, you need to have enough time on your hands to create a detailed plan of the whole weekend. One small mistake, such as forgetting to book flight tickets, could ruin weeks of planning and cause hard feelings among good friends. As such, you have to start planning early; so that you can have enough time to prepare adequately.

Similarly, you have to account for every activity that you’ll have in the stag do weekend. Allocating appropriate time for each activity will ensure that you can do everything on your plate before the weekend is over.

Finally, after the stag do weekend, you have to give everyone adequate time to rest before the wedding day. Keep this in mind while deciding when to do the stag party.

3. Where will you go?

stag do sofia weekendThe two prominent determinants of where you hold your stag weekend are your budget and the time you have at hand. A stag do weekend in Sofia can be your decision for a killer stag weekend, but does it suit everyone’s pocket? Or, does the groom have another destination in mind?

Always choose a location that is not only pocket-friendly, but that also satisfies everyone. It would be unwise to choose a strip club if the groom is very religious, right?

4. How much will you need?

Holding your stag weekend in a prominent location such as Sofia costs a lot of money. The costs are even higher when you live far away and have to travel to Sofia.

When you’re the sole organizer of a stag weekend, the most important determinant of your success is your cash flow management. Start by determininghow much money you’re going to need for the planned activities, then determine how you are going to source the money.

It would be very unwise to come up with a plan that costs far beyond what the chosen members can contribute. To be on the safe side, always come up with some few options, then let your friends choose which option suits most, if not all, of them.

5. What activities will you engage in?

The fun in any stag weekend is solely dependent on the activities that you partake.

It’s up to you to choose activities that are not only fun for all the invitees, but also activities that are in line with your budget. Do you go skydiving and pay a hefty sum for a few minutes of fun? Or,would you rather go paintballing which costs far less but is fun for everyone?

In addition, you have to know what will be included in the weekend and what will be skipped. The three common candidates that come to mind are strippers, booze,and casinos. Choose wisely.

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