5 Tips on Writing an Effective Essay

how to write effective essay
Most students don’t like the idea of writing an essay. However, it’s an essential stage for winning a scholarship, contest or pass a class exam.

While writing an essay is a massive project, an essay writer can easily break it down to manageable levels. The following process is among the best ways to draft and write an essay on any topic.

1. Select Your Topic

Your college professor or tutor may assign the topic to you. At times, you may have the freedom to choose the best question of your choice.

When you’re given a topic to write on, you’ll need to decide on the type of paper to write. Do you want to dwell on a general question or a more specific analysis on the area? Be sure to narrow the focus to what you want.

But what happens if you’re to choose your topic? Well, pick a problem on an area that’s relevant and interesting to you.

Also, determine whether you want your essay to persuade or inform on a specific topic. Once you discover the purpose, search on the issues that you find and consider interesting.

If you want to persuade, choose an area that you’re passionate about. But if your essay seeks to inform, dwell on a topic you’re familiar about or even studied.

Whatever mission you have, ensure you have an interest in the topic.

2. Outline Your Ideas

Do you want to write a thoughtful and consistent essay? Then, organize your ideas.

essay ideas
Start by conceptualizing what you know and transferring it on paper. List down all the main ideas you have on the topic. Be sure to leave adequate space for smaller ideas that relate to your primary purpose.

In doing this, you’re able to identify the links and connections between your ideas. You’ll, therefore, be able to write a unique and organized essay.

3. Write the Body

The body seeks to argue, describe and explain your essay. Every main idea you write in your outline becomes a separate section.

The body paragraphs need to have similar basic structures. For instance, you should start your introductory statements with the main idea. Next, write your supporting ideas in a sentence format.

Leave four to five lines to come back later and offer a detailed example to support your position.

4. Write the Introduction

Now that you have your thesis and body of your essay, it’s time to draft an introduction. It should be able to grab the attention of your reader and give the focus of your article.

essay headline
You may choose to start with a dialogue, quote, story or a simple topic summary. Whichever option you want, ensure it has ties to your thesis statement.

5. Write the Conclusion

The conclusion sums up your ideas and offers closure to your topic. It should be able to give a final perspective of your work. The end should contain at least three strong sentences. It should review the main ideas and reinforce your essay.

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