Is a Professional Website Designer a Good Investment?

is-a-professional-website-designer-a-good-investmentThere is an unwritten rule that says you have to hire a website designer to build you an all-singing, all-dancing website. The truth is you have to do no such thing. There are some scenarios, such as if you need help with eCommerce design, when hiring a professional is a sensible option, but in many cases, there is an argument for going it alone. The trick is to know when it is worth spending the extra money, so here is a quick guide to help you decide.

How Big is Your Budget?

Budget is an important consideration. Most small businesses and start-ups don’t have huge budgets in place, so they can’t afford to blow a load of money on a professional-looking website. If this sounds like your current situation, hang fire and look at using WordPress or a generic website builder instead.

If, on the other hand, you do have a reasonable budget, it is definitely worth paying a professional web designer to build you a bespoke product. It is also sensible to go down this route if you need specialist features on your website.

Website Design is Only the Beginning of the Story

There is a lot more to website design than deciding what color your pages should be. Designing a cool website is only the beginning. Even if you do pay a talented website designer to create you a bespoke website, there is no guarantee that anyone will visit it. The site needs to be optimized for search engines, so without a lot of time and effort, nobody will find it online.

When to DIY

There are some instances where building your own website is a smart move. Content management systems like WordPress are relatively easy to use and most people soon get the hang of how the user interface works. As long as your website is fairly straightforward, a website builder will be just fine.

For example, say your primary aim is to put your company’s details online so customers can Google you and find out your opening hours and contact details. Since you won’t need more than a couple of pages and perhaps a blog, a website builder or WordPress will do the job and paying a website designer to create something you could easily do yourself is silly.

Reasons to Hire a Professional Website Designer

A well-designed website looks more professional than a DIY effort with gaudy colors and dodgy navigation. The more professional your website appears to be, the more legitimate your business will be in the eyes of a visitor. People are quick to judge, so don’t give them any reason to walk away.

If, on the other hand, you have a long list of features that need to be included on your website and you don’t have a clue where to start, it may be sensible to look at hiring a professional website developer. However, consider how essential these features are before you spend the money, and if the answer is “I’m not sure”, have a go at designing your own website first. It is not as hard as you think.

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