Tips for Transferring Your Website’s Design to Your Exhibition Stand

tips-for-transferring-your-websites-design-to-your-exhibition-standYou’ve no doubt worked really hard on your website’s design, as it’s such a massive component of most businesses these days, and appearance is (almost) everything, after all.

If you’re soon to be attending an exhibition with your business and are going to be hosting your own stand, you’ll most likely want to transfer the way your website looks and functions over to your stand, as it’s a great way of helping people identify with you as a brand. We’ve come up with some tips for doing just that, so that your booth will look just as great as your website.

Ensure it looks just as professional

Website design is a pretty expensive venture, and you really do pay for great quality. Luckily, you won’t have to spend anywhere near that to get some great exhibition equipment, especially when shopping online. Investing in some high quality signage and stands is so important for ensuring your brand maintains its proficient image.

Use the same colour scheme and fonts

Deciding on things like colour schemes and fonts to use on your website can be really difficult, so when you’ve nailed it and got ones you’re really happy with, stick with them and use them as part of your exhibition display! This is a great way of helping people identify with your brand too, as they’ll start associating your name with colours, text and logos too.

Set it out in a similar way

The way you set out your website is so vital for its success, and it’s the same as when setting up an exhibition stand. You can always take key features of your website’s navigation and use that for when setting out your stand. Ultimately, you’ll want it to stand out too, and there is a great article on helping your exhibition stand to draw in an audience.

Include some digital content on your stand

As well as the general design of your website, you could take some of the actual content from there. You could even display it in a digital way, using things like screens or even iPads that display your digital content. Adding this technological aspect is not only a great way of linking your stand to your website, but it’s also a great way to make your booth stand out and look modern and interesting.

Include some of the interactive features from your site on your stand

As well as digital content from your website, you could take it a step further and use some of the more interactive features from your website on your stand. This can include simple things like adding your site’s contact form to your booth via an iPad; to more complex things like adding a quiz or survey from your site onto it. Again, this is not only a great way to link the stand to your website, but it’s also a great way of helping your stand to interact with your audience.

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