Tips on Picking the Right Target for Your Guest Blogging

tips on picking the right target for your guest bloggingLooking Forward To Guest Blogging? – Follow This Link:

If you are planning to go the guest blogging way, it is vital to understand what the whole issue is all about. However, before we look at that, let’s explore some of the benefits that come with guest blogging as highlighted here: These include:

  • Gaining backlinks from top ranking sites
  • You are according respect by people around you
  • More relevant traffic is driven to your site.

This is actually amazing, ok? However, how can you achieve the most out of your guest posting efforts? Well, this is simple; you only need to decide and follow the simple steps below to get at the top with your guest blogging business.

Picking the right target for your guest posts

Before you even think of pressing your keyboard button to scribble something, you must have a list of sites to which you intend to submit your posts. There are some proven ways of getting these sites in place and they include:

  • Google Search Strings – You can use search queries such as, “guest post,” or “guest article” or “guest post opportunities” among others to check the available sites for guest posting from which you can pick those that are relevant to your site’s niche.
  • Guest post pages – Most bloggers tend to take pride in their publications. What you must understand is that the lists aren’t that easy to find. However, you can use search queries like “posts on other sites,” “my posts on other sites” or “my guest posts “and the like.
  • Google Reserve Image Search – This step requires you to get a colleague who guest posts on various authoritative blogs in the same niche as yours. Read through his or her author bio before grabbing their headshot URL and popping into in reverse image search of Google.  Searching by image will avail to you a list of where they guest post.
  • Google plus and Twitter – Twitter and Google Plus strings can also provide an array of results. Considering that twitter results are newer as compared to Google’s index, there are greater chances of finding active sites searching for guest bloggers. What you need is logging in to twitter and entering your search query  such as “twitter search” and  then peruse through the results to access your potential targets for posting.  Do the same with Google+.
  • Reverse Engineering – Use your preferred backlink tracking system to reverse engineer both your 1st and 2nd This will enable you unearth numerous guest posting openings on particular niches.  This strategy is advantageous in the sense that you are likely to access sites that do not openly admit guest posting even if they do. This is why it may be hard finding them through search strings, but they can be reached through reverse engineering.
  • com – This is regarded as platform with the most appropriate list of blogs, arranged by category. This is to say, if you are looking for a site with a specific niche, this is the place to visit. You only need to enter your search keyword phrase and you are there with a list of the best blogs for your niche. However, it is important to note that not all sites found here encourage guest posting. But you can still find a few that do.

Bottom line – There is actually more to guest posting than what meets the eye. Considering that this is your last opportunity of ever getting something out of your blog, you just can’t afford to miss it. Visit us at: to understand the actual value of your site and take a positive step towards your dream business career.

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