Using The Creative Web Fonts

using-the-creative-web-fontsThe introduction to printing gave rise to a revolution in typefaces. Nicolas Jenson recreated the traditional gothic typeface with an Italian touch. Eventually, fonts used in books, advertisements and posters became diverse; however, these were only limited to printed media.

During the early 90’s, there were only web safe fonts available for use. Soon, the introduction of fonts changed the world of web designing completely. The designers were able to convey their thoughts more clearly by letting the font speak for themselves. These web fonts were made downloadable on various websites, and now, more than 10 lakh fonts exist! One can subscribe to the particular website or purchase the desired typeface, while some allow you to download them for free. Imagine the space available for creativity with so many fonts being released every day!

We can classify typefaces as Serif, Sans Serif, Script Type Styles and Decorative Styles. Serif gives an old look to the alphabets, an excellent example of this is the ‘Times New Roman’ font, which has feet and signature bulges extending out. Whereas, Sans Serif has a very modern look and importantly, it has no feet; see the ‘Verdana’ font to understand the difference. Script Typestyle involves calligraphic and cursive typefaces, which you often see on wedding invitations and certificates. Decorative ones are found in movie posters, fancy infographics, advertisements and banners. It seems fonts have been speaking louder than words since the 18th century.

One must take their time to convey the purpose of their website by making a typography that screams the intent. We cannot use a delicate and elegant font for a horror movie poster! Thus, focusing on these things are crucial in establishing a website or even designing an infographic. The intention of our message can be amplified by ingeniously using different web fonts. We rely on typefaces so much that the world without them is like wearing the same pair of clothes every day. It would be boring to see the same font on every website, infographic, and advertisements; the uniqueness would be missing! The designers add sugar to the message and give some pleasure to the viewer’s eyes and brain. In the market, companies give a lot of importance to correct usage of web fonts, because it attracts more customers and helps in their development! Businesses have started making their own fonts, setting a new trend in the marketing world. Recently, Intel launched their very own font — Intel® Clear, which is very straightforward and easy to perceive. Whereas, Nokia already had one called ‘Nokia Sans’. It was upgraded to ‘Nokia Pure’ in 2011. For large enterprises, having their very own signature font is of great importance.

One can find the majestic fonts bundle to deliver their thoughts to the viewers and leave a great impact. This package is affordable and has a diverse variety of typefaces, and it shall never disappoint you! The usage of reliable fonts encourages people to read further without getting bored, and that is why the power of creative web fonts should never be underestimated.

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