Why DevOps Engineer May Be The Perfect Career Path for You

why devops engineer your perfect career path
Are you a fast learner? Are you fairly good at coding and also good in communication? Do you like working on the edge? If you’re considering that a hardcore coding profile is not for you and you’d rather do a little bit of everything – managing, communicating, developing, assessing etc then we’ve got just the right career path for you! You could be a DevOps Engineer.

All you have to do is take a DevOps Foundation course!

Prerequisites for this course

  1. Basics of programming
  2. Basics of IT Infrastructure

Top 10 reasons why DevOps is a hit in the market

  1. Collaboration – It brings about the collaboration and joint effort of the development and operations team alive.
  2. Integration – DevOps brings continuous integration and continuous delivery to the system.
  3. Shortens systems development life cycle  – The time to market for any application is reduced by approximately 50% through the DevOps methodology.
  4. Farsightedness – The practice offers the ability to identify risks and failures easily and at early stages of the development cycle.
  5. Reproducibility – Several versions of any product release are created as per customer requirement, for restoration at any point in the future.
  6. Enhanced Quality – Collaborative efforts of developers and operational experts offer greater understanding and elevated creativity in achieving the target, thus producing a great end product.
  7. Modularity – The coding environment of DevOps provides for the modular approach which makes the code easily accessible and increases readability.
  8. Cost Efficiency – It is a highly cost-efficient approach to managing a new software application release.
  9. Effortless management – The scheme offers efficient management of resources and data for future use, even after the product is released.
  10. Robustness – DevOps is a robust and stable system approach.

10 key areas you will uncover at the DevOps Foundation certification training

devops foundation certification training

  1. What is DevOps – DevOps has no set definition neither is it the name of any software. DevOps is a term coined to represent a combination of development and operations as it is a set of practices that aims to shorten the systems development life span by working in close alignment with business objectives of the company.
  2. Core DevOps Principles – These include:
    • The Three Ways
    • The First Way
    • The Theory of Constraints
    • The Second Way
    • The Third Way
    • Chaos Engineering
    • Learning Organizations.
  3. DevOps Practices – These include:
    • Continuous Delivery
    • Site Reliability & Resilience Engineering
    • DevSecOps
    • ChatOps
    • Kanban
  4. Business and Technology Frameworks – These are:
    • Agile
    • ITSM
    • Lean
    • Safety Culture
    • Learning Organizations
    • Sociocracy/Holacracy
    • Continuous Funding
  5. Culture, behaviour and operation models – These include:
    • Defining Culture
    • Behavioral Models
    • Organizational maturity models
    • Target Operating Models
  6. Automation and DevOps Toolchains: These are
    • CI/CD
    • Cloud
    • Containers
    • Kubernetes
    • DevOps Toolchain
  7. Measurement and Reporting – These include:
    • The Importance of Metrics
    • Technical Metrics
    • Business Metrics
    • Measuring & Reporting Metrics
  8. Sharing, shadowing and evolving
  9. Collaborative platforms
  10. Immersive and experiential learning

9 exciting rewards of taking the course

devops engineer reward benefits

  1. Flexibility – The program offers great flexibility for working professionals in terms of the mode in which the training is imparted. It can be taken in the following three formats: Online training, Classroom training, Team/Corporate training
  2. Instructor-led training – The courses are led by highly experienced instructors who are not only skilled at the conceptual level but also have great implementation abilities.
  3. Extensive course material – More than 16 hours-worth course material is provided in the form of video lectures, manuals, written documents etc.
  4. Intensive course work – The course allows an individual to not only learn new skills but also apply them to the fullest and identify his or her areas of development. Therefore, such courses are designed with assignments and exercises that simulate the exact implementation environment, to truly test the individual’s understanding.
  5. DevOps Foundation Exam – Full support to clear the exam at the first attempt and gain the coveted certification.
  6. Continuous Support – An entire board of skilled individuals not only teach concepts but also review codes and provide complete support at any and all points of pursuing the course.
  7. Bright career prospects – A DevOps engineer has a bright future because DevOps as a systems approach in itself has a bright prospect. Such integrated practices are highly recommended and welcome in the IT Industry and a DevOps certification is considered a greatly valued skill in today’s market.
  8. Great Pay – The average pay for a DevOps Engineer in the Indian Market is no less than 10LPA, while that of one in the US is about $78k.
  9. Access to multiple resources – As a taker of this course, one has complete access to unlimited DevOps informational resources such as Blogs/Editorials/Newsletters/Documents etc.

The DevOps community awaits your arrival. Take a course now and hit new heights in the IT Industry

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